Boston Pubcon 2006, Day 2

Can’t stay up any more. Must sleep. Want to blog. Must sleep.

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  1. Sleep well, Matt πŸ˜€

  2. BTW, that 12:11 am is Pacific. I’m on Eastern, so it’s ~3:30am. Ugh..

  3. Shall I start throwing sheep at you now, or later =. Sweet dreams Mr. Cutts :). Look for a good report sometime tomorrow.

  4. πŸ˜†

    sleep well Matt, you can inform us later…but i guess it’s some tough days for you πŸ™‚

  5. Matt

    Sorry for the unrelated questioning in the previous thread (re. Google Earth) – will you be doing another mass question/answer session soon, or be devoting any columns to Google Earth stuff? I’m in love with the thing, and would like to give feedback on some of the elements of it to someone that might make a difference.


  6. That has to be the oddest post from you Matt. πŸ˜‰

    You sound like a dying robot in Lost in Space or the like

  7. Sleep, what do u mean sleep Matt, its noon (here), no time to sleep. You’ve got eh whole world as your audience, don’t let us down.

    Inject youself with coffee, coca cola or perhaps some strong green tree.

    Matt, where are the photoes from Pubcon 06 ?


  8. Hi Matt,

    I’ve got the solution for your sleeping ‘crave’:


  9. Must have that Mike Grehan/Matt Cutts interview podcast, must have the tech data on their gear….must…….have…! πŸ˜‰

  10. Ah, Matt, we missed you down in the Sheraton lobby yesterday evening πŸ™

  11. Jeremy Wong 黃泓量


    Take care.

  12. Someone give that man some Red Bull. He’ll be up for the next month after drinking that stuff. πŸ˜‰

  13. Red Bull? What happened to penguins and jolt?


  14. Sleep? I drove home from Pubcon last night and spent an hour adding new MFA’s to the filter of my Adsense account! Also chased a “Look Sexy Naked” ad off my page about book contracts:-)

    That said, I really enjoyed hearing you at the show and I wish my business card had come up in the organic site review session – I’ll have to remember that writing the URL on a big sheet of paper seems to work better. I wanted to ask a question about “authority” scraper sites in the slamdown, but it didn’t seem to fit well with the other questions.

    That MS demo sure had everybody smiling, now if only they’d send me
    even a tenth as much search traffic as you guys. On the other hand, you should have heard the speaker in the e-commerce review session telling sites with 10,000 backlinks – “You need more backlinks, your competitionrs have, click, click, click, 11.7 million!” The scary thing is I talked to her after the show, and she was serious.

    I thought about driving back in for the Pub meeting today, but I took the story that Brett Tabke told about hordes of people chasing you to the bathroom as a warning. Besides, I can’t drink beer or whiskey on Passover:-(

  15. Staying awake

    You only have to wory when you think you start to see things out of the corner of your eye.

  16. Could always suggest he take a shower with that caffiene-soap stuff (look on for it)

  17. 301 Lost Questions

    Matt will you ever address googles 301 to problem? I’ve tested this many times over with different sites and it works perfectly with the other SEs but absolutely is suicide on google..

  18. As long as you only sleep for an hour then start posting again then that’s fine…

  19. True champions dont sleep!! tuttt! heheh

  20. He must have elected the Pub option.

  21. Matt, have you ever considered just doing periodic online sessions with Webex or something? It would combine all your blog and face time in one neat little package, no jet lag, and people are dumb enough to pay for it to boot.

  22. >>Can’t stay up any more. Must sleep. Want to blog. Must sleep.

    LOL! That’s how I felt the entire time I was in Boston. It was funny to see someone actually POST it haha.

    -Lynn Terry

  23. For all, who missed the private talks: Matt showed how he checks out webmasters manually in a quick lobby session:


    It has been great fun!