Please help me run the Boston Marathon

On April 21st, 2014, I’m going to run the Boston Marathon. If you want to show your support, please donate to a good cause for cancer research. Anyone who wants to give is welcome. 🙂

So many people have been affected by cancer, including members of my own family. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute funds basic and innovative cancer research. That’s why I’m trying to raise $9,000 for the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge.

Matt Cutts in the San Francisco marathon

I’ve been running for a few years now (that’s me at the San Francisco marathon), but this is the first time I’m trying to run to raise money for a cause, and I would really appreciate donations. It won’t give you more PageRank or a higher rank on Google, but Dana-Farber is a great institution and I’d love to raise as much money for them as I can before I run in Boston. If you can, please consider donating to kick cancer’s butt. Thank you!

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  1. Matt:

    One suggestion on running Boston…leaves those headphones at home. You don’t want to be distracted from the awesome crowd.

    And, to get you in the right running mood, a blog post on running Boston (if you allow blog links):

    Boston Marathon (Drinking Beer, Kissing Wellesley Women and Abstract Journeys)

  2. Matt, I would certainly donate to an organization that does real research on foods as they relate to cancer. I can not fund organizations that try to develop more drugs since so many millions have been spent and wasted over the past several decades and nothing actually working yet. Consider a food like aloe vera that contains acemannan which raises the bodies tumor necrosis factor. The problem is, nobody is willing to study food – since there is an open market and no patents on foods. So if this organization studies foods, please let me know so I can make a worthy contribution.

    • > I can not fund organizations that try to develop more drugs since so many millions have been spent and wasted over the past several decades and nothing actually working yet.

      Excellent point! Moreover, cancer is due the state of one’s consciousness which means it can’t be ever ‘cured’.

      > Consider a food like aloe vera that contains acemannan which raises the bodies tumor necrosis factor. The problem is, nobody is willing to study food – since there is an open market and no patents on foods.

      Even contrary – pharmacia wants to forbid usage of many plants which are e.g. used in Ayurveda which are helpful as prevention as well as medicine in cure cancer.

      Iow., the modern way of life, depending on so many technical devices, influence of media etc. are simply fertile land which makes people unhappy, allienated, accustomed to bad habits in diet which all result in diseases like cancer at the end.

      Briefly: my suggestion is to spend money in educating people how to prevent and not how to cure cancer.

  3. What a worthy cause, and I’m sure the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is glad to have your blog and other social outlets to raise awareness and funds. Is there a particular friend/family member you’re running for?

  4. Excellent, I’m sure you will quickly raise the money for charity. I retweet you and donated a few bucks as well. Good luck!

  5. Just donated. Welcome to Boston, your going to love this city!

  6. Run, Matt, run! You have my full support and my donation. When you get to the 800 block of Comm Ave in Newton, say hello to my friend Oonagh, who serves brownies and water to the runners.

  7. It is a good initiative. I tweeted your message, I hope you collect a lot of funds for this good cause.
    Good Luck!
    Greetings from Spain.

  8. Go matt go!


  10. good job matt (y) can’t donate but can motivate your efforts and best of luck to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, hope their research work may succeed in terms of an effective cure for this killing disease.

  11. I will donate but you but you need to wear the pirate costume when you run 🙂

  12. I am very happy to sponsor you as you – full support and a donation from Aotearoa. Good luck, I hope you reach your $9 000 goal.

  13. I am very happy to sponsor you – full support and a donation from Aotearoa. Good luck, I hope you reach your $9 000 goal.

    edited version.

  14. Oh! my got, what i’m seeing?

    Head of the Google Webspam now running already decided to join upcoming Boston Marathan.

    Wish you all the best Matt:

  15. Done helping with $100.

    Good luck for your coming marathon Matt!

    Thank you for your gift in support of the 2014 Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge (DFMC). Celebrating its 25th season of running the Boston Marathon®, the team continues to raise vital funds needed for increased cancer research.

    By supporting our runners, you empower Dana-Farber to build on the strides that have been made in understanding and treating cancer. Since 1987, the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Cancer Research has funded the pioneering, early-stage research of our young, talented investigators. As our scientists make steady progress toward new, enhanced therapies, please know the important role your generosity plays in driving their efforts. Furthermore, one-hundred percent of DFMC dollars are directed to the Barr Program, an achievement rarely seen in the world of athletic fundraising.

    Thank you again for your dedication to Dana-Farber and the Marathon Challenge. Your gift is greatly appreciated, advancing the Institute’s lifesaving mission and inspiring the DFMC runners during every step of their marathon journey.

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    Running Programs | Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge
    10 Brookline Place West
    Brookline, MA 02445 ·
    (617) 632-1970 · (800) 551-7036

    The following summarizes your contribution:
    Total Contribution Amount: $100.00
    Reference ID: 156453970
    Participant Credited: Matthew Cutts

  16. Wow, Matt!! I’m excited to hear you run! If you need anything (advice, training tips, or what not) feel free to reach out to me. As well as being an SEO, web developer and designer, I run marathons at an elite level.

  17. Matt You are doing an awesome job. You are saving life of many innocent people. I wish best of luck to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and I hope they will be succeeded in getting desired funds.

  18. I’d like do that…I hope I can run the Boston Marathon during my lifetime.

  19. Great job Matt!
    Can’t make a donation but I surely would motivate you to go ahead and make a run for the noble cause and inspire us with it. 🙂

  20. Good luck Matt, welcome to Boston!

  21. good luck matt
    Go matt GO

  22. mp3 in one hand, bottle in another… hum not very serious mat ! 😉

  23. WOW! You´re skinny. Great job.
    I think I have not run 42 Km in my whole life. (All together)


  24. Will there be a way to track your progress as you make your way through the streets of Boston?

  25. Any cause for the good of mankind is appreciable. Respect for you Matt. And I’m curious if you’re going to be swirled around with your gadgets when you run. 🙂

  26. Looking good, Matt! Geek runner!

  27. Matt, I will certainly donate some hard earned dollars in the battle to beat the big C. Hope you’ve sorted the race number ??

    900913 🙂

    Good luck and stay injury free !

  28. Great Job Matt’s, I didn’t have much to contribute but so my full support with you.. Bhaag Matt’s Bhaag.

  29. good luck matt
    i like your t-shirt

  30. Good luck Matt!

  31. Just donated, good luck. Such an important cause. Anyone reading this should donate. No questions asked.

  32. This really affects me, being personally affected by cancer in my home, you have my total support Matt. 🙂

  33. Running a marathon is a lot of work but I hope you generate a lot of money so that we can eliminate cancer

  34. RUN and RUN, Matt 🙂

  35. Have a good run for a great cause.

  36. Really good for you Matt!

  37. Good luck with the run. I recently completed the Zurich Marathon and am now training to do the London version. It’s hard work, and almost killed me. If you aren’t already, try using a Garmin Forerunner watch – mine really helped to push me on when I had nobody to run during training.

  38. Great! Good Luck Matt!

  39. What a great cause! thanks for sharing this- it was a lovely post!

  40. I loved the part where you mention “It will not give you more PageRank or a higher rank on Google” always are opportunists people. I’m glad to see people like you with high social influence give some of his blog space to talk about charity.
    Win 🙂

  41. I lost my mom last month from cancer. She was only 57 and fought for 3 years. Thank you Matt. Donated.

  42. good luck matt
    i like your t-shirt

  43. That’s always great to contribute to the society. Appreciate it. Loved the concept of your TShirt 😉

  44. Good Luck For that

  45. Very jealous! Running the Boston Marathon is a goal! Awesome to see you helping collect money for cancer research. Thank you for all you are doing. Good luck in your race!

  46. Hi Matt!

    Why Your Hair Is going to white??? i’m back after a year and see the white hair?why?

  47. Go Matt Go

  48. I think you should remove the earphones and then run… using earphones and running on road could be dangerous..!! someone might hit and you will never realise that. In India, people alert in such cases… so I thought I should also do my bit for humanity…

    Although you are doing great and its good to serve people… today is thanksgiving and I wanna thank you for doing your bit not just for google but for the people in this world who wanna see relevent results for their search instead of some crap…

    From last many days, am looking at those snaps of amazing google glasses… one day I will also have (when ever I will have the money to buy…)


  49. Good luck Matt

    Its always good to raise money for a cause.

  50. Hi Matt, you look Happy running, Hopefully with Helping people affected by cancer we can see Everyone’s faces Happy! I’ve got a person in my family has got cancer too, make us very sad.

  51. Hello Matt,
    This Is The 5th Time I Read This Post. I Appreciate Your Efforts. 2 Years Back, My Sister Died Because Of Ovarian Cancer… 🙁

  52. you are in good shape!=)

  53. Matt,
    Did you achieved your goal with the fundation? Whatever we are, it’s always important to worry about others who are suffering. Thank for this solidarity elan Matt.