What are the best iPhone applications?

Here are some of the applications that I’m trying out right now:

My iPhone 3G applications

What applications do you like on the iPhone 3G?

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  1. Matt, I’m liking the Jott iPhone App, Evernote, and Sketches. Remote is a must have. And my kids love Phone Saber, but I see you already found that too 🙂

  2. Michael Quinlan

    I have so many installed, I am having a hard time playing with them all!

    Shazam is awesome. I keep playing with it in my car with the radio. I am astonished with how well it works, even with the noise. The similar but more full-featured midomi also lets you search by singing or humming the song yourself or saying or typing the name of the song (as well as listening to a snippet like Shazam). But midomi doesn’t seem to work as reliably.

    Jott is a neat idea. You speak a short item (to-do, reminder, etc.) and it is transcribed to text for you. You can organize the results into different lists. I have found it fairly reliable but recently it has gotten quite slow.

    Pandora is my favorite online radio.

    Urbanspoon is a cool idea, but only if you are in one of the top 50 or so urban areas that it covers.

  3. Get rid of Loopt. For why see here. I would like to use Pandora, but it’s not available in Britain, so I’m using Last.fm’s fantastic application. I’ve bought a great GTD app called Things, which is at a low price for a limited time, as they add features, the price will go up. I’m using NetNewsWire, and the brilliant Facebook application.

  4. Hey Matt,

    I personally use the shopping list script (although not only for shopping!).

    The pool application is pretty cool too and is good for killing time whilst waiting around for a train etc 🙂

  5. Why should it be limited to iPhone 3G?

    Right now it’s Twitterrific, Facebook and the iTunes Remote that are leading the way

  6. anything with google i like.

  7. You should try Yelp, it’s great specially if you already use yelp.com for restaurants and also BoxOffice (for movies / movie tickets).

  8. When are we going to see an ssh application? We now have a vnc app, but I thought that ssh would be in higher demand. To me, this will be the killer app.

    NetNewsWire is my favorite app. The clippings feature doesn’t work consistently, but that will be fixed as brent simmons is a rock star..

  9. Any idea why I can’t find the google app in the app store. Is it not available in Canada or something?

  10. I really like iTuner and Pandora.

  11. oh, and tap tap revenge is cool, too

  12. Jonathan Wilbur

    Good list Matt. I haven’t been impressed with twitteriffic to be honest with you. Maybe it has to do with the fact the free version is ad supported. I do however love twittelator and twinkle (gotta love location support).

    Tap tap revenge is another great one. SportsTap would be perfect if alerts were available.

  13. No Loopt, Urbanspoon, Pandora in New Zealand.

  14. Come on Matt, you haven’t tried the Yelp app yet? You’re killing me :)!
    (full disclosure: I work at Yelp)

  15. Michael Stoppelman, I’ll try it out. My wife has tried it out already. 🙂

  16. @Chris – Have you tried the vt100 term app? (im sure that is the naming – I only played briefly on a friends iPhone) you can use SSH from the command line with that..

  17. I really love Vicinity, which uses the phone’s GPS to provide lists of relevant Wikipedia articles, Flickr photos, banks, shops, restaurants and other local facilities based on your current location. (And, @Chris, couldn’t agree more about a SSH client…)

  18. As long as I have my phone sabre app I don’t need any other!

  19. I was delighted with my introduction to Truphone. Everyone knows how long distance on cell phones is a drag. At .06 US/min, calls all over the world via wifi are very nice. The $4 credit to start is a nice bonus. I also like the Local Picks by tripadvisor and Star Map… night sky interpretation is beauty.

  20. how did you get that screenshot? Which app is that one?

  21. does anyone know if there a windows compatable terminal services app for the iphone?

  22. Hey there,
    I am using Pandora, Google and Remote. 🙂

  23. Chris Latko, my guess is that you won’t see an ssh application unless you unlock your phone. I could be wrong though. I would love to be wrong about that.

    Jonathan Wilbur, I agree with you–I like twittelator more.

  24. William, to grab a screenshot on your iPhone, just press the Home button (circular button centered at the bottom of the iPhone) and then press the on/off button at the same time. It will save the screenshot as an image which you can then email or sync to your computer.

  25. Definitely Tap Tap Revenge and let’s not forget about Aurora Feint and Cube Runner, all for free 😀

  26. Wish I could stop playing with phone saber. I’m driving my wife mad 🙂

  27. i have a BUNCH!

    WritingPad is my favorite concept – you can drag your finger on the keypad to create words. I’m hoping other apps (and preferably Apple itself) will incorporate this to their keypads

    Zenbe is great for lists

    Games – Moonlite Mahjon, Ruby Repeat, Spinner, iMaze, Jirbo Break, Cube Runner, Bubble Wrap

    YouVersion Bible – it comes with a bunch of different translations. Which is awesome. I wanted a Bible app that had the Message version and this one has it.

    More Cowbell – yes, it’s just a cowbell, and yes it’s from the SNL skit.

    Social Media – Facebook, Friend Feed, MySpace.

    midomi – hum a tune, it will find it for you

    Shazam – if you hear a song, turn on shazam and aim the mic at the source, and this app will find the song for you

    MathQuizK – great for the kids to learn math
    Molecules – you can examine molecules, zoom in, twist and turn, pretty cool and educational

    phew, is that enough? 🙂

  28. The best one that I have used is Pandora…if you like music this is the one for you!

  29. Pandora is AWESOME! I love plugging it in to my car and getting non-stop great music when I drive! Big fan of the Remote. I use my Apple TV on my home stereo and it’s nice to control it without a line of sight to my stereo.

  30. Safari is the best iPhone application

  31. My fav is iBeer


  32. A friend and I saw Eddie Izzard at the Pearl in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. He got out his iPhone and played with Phone Saber on stage. Genius.

  33. Right now I have 4 main Apps on my iPhone 3G. My favorite is the Jott app. I use this for my GTD system and blog writing.Evernote for all my little notes I wright down, and Speakeasy for my braindump app. I don’t know how I would function with out it any more!

  34. My kids like Waki Snap!
    My wife likes Style.com.
    And I can’t live without AirSharing:)

  35. i found a great set of music apps by “nutsie”…here’s my favorite:


    top 100 songs by year — brings back high school memories 🙂

    they have a bunch of other music lists, like holiday music, itunes top 100, etc. it’s a steal because they only charge a couple bucks for TONS of music (plays like a web radio station)…check them out!

  36. For me, Audio Books and isoaps always work. I like free stuff at http://www.newfiction.com/ the best.

  37. Dear Matt, It has been many months since this post. Please post your current favorites / useful ones.. I have to find out why many of the apps like Pandora, Shazam are not available in Singapore.. Cheers, Kishore.

  38. To take a screen shot you hold down the home button and tap power, you see a flash and the shot is saved in your camera roll.

    I cant find the Jott app! neither the applications app nor itunes find it.

  39. hmmm. guess Jott is not available for the States. no bueno.

  40. I like open table, since I tend to procrastinate, I can make reservations at any time for a restaurant and search through nearby restaurants as well as look at reviews.

    I also like Buzzillions, their app gives you access to tons of reviews for products like electronics or baby toys (etc.). When my wife sends me out to get something for the baby I used to just stare at all the different products. Now it is really easy cause I just do a quick search and it shows me the top ten products as well as bottom ten, you get the point.

  41. Wow shazam is insane i just installed and was watching “live and let die” (a james bond movie on tv) there was some background music during the film (not the bond theme song) and it picked it up and knew what it was. It literally had no singing just instrumental. I’m impressed.

  42. Great list. May I suggest Pandora? It suggests arists based on your favourites. Also, check out my blog @ http://thatimportantblog.blogspot.com/. Ive written a Top 10 Essential Apps list. Essential meaning the ones that simply MUST be installed when you get your iPhone or Touch.

    Please check it out and leave a comment if you have a fav. app!

  43. This is a cool iphone app. You can order food from your seat at a stadium and when your food is ready you do not have to wait in line to pick it up. This is their website: http://www.thefango.com

  44. there is a new one from Japan called PUFF! great for guys but don’t show your wife or g/f

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  48. OMG!! My suggestion is DISSER – the verbal punch….

    A senseless app, but… I KICKS ASS 🙂 Insult generator with very funny speech output and facebook – dissing!!

    try it:

  49. I like Slacker Radio. It is a great alternative to alternative to Pandora. This app gives me access to the entire Slacker music library which features millions of songs from thousands of artists.