Back from Maker Faire

Man, I love Maker Faire. It’s almost as if Burning Man mated with Slashdot. Here are afew of the fun things I saw today.

In the Craft area someone showed the credit cards that they accepted, but the credit card sign was hand-made:

Handmade credit cards

Also in the Craft zone was a “postcard machine.” It was a person sitting inside a booth pretending to be a machine. You could select the postcard you wanted and push two dollars through the slot. The person in the booth would make beeping and booping noises and then slip a custom postcard into your hand:
Postcard machine

Outside, several people were driving around in mobile muffins:
Mobile Muffin

Not to be outdone, someone had decorated their art car entirely with pens and markers:
Art Car

I forget where I saw this, but someone had made a Q*bert quilt:
Qbert + quilt = quiltbert

Finally, I enjoyed this art installation about the “newspaper of the future.” It was a standard newspaper machine but had an LCD monitor that showed optimistic headlines:
Newspapers of the future

Good stuff. I bought a pair of Monkeylectric LED Bike light sets, so that should be fun. 🙂

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  1. HaHa, the postcard machine must have been hysterical. Like “moviefone” from Seinfield. Like the car too.

  2. looking at the car for more than 30 seconds will cause seizures.

    My weekend consisted of a crawfish boil with an open bar – seems we both had a good time leading up to Cinco de Mayo 🙂

  3. Harith


    “I bought a pair of Monkeylectric LED Bike light sets, so that should be fun”

    I knew it. You can’t resist those flashing neons light 🙂

  4. I find out about all the best events on this blog!

    By the way Wordcamp San Francisco will be on August 16 at the Mission Bay Conference Center.

    When I was a little kid, there used to be a big cardboard box in font of the Boudins restaurant that had a hundred or so songs hand written on it and Jukebox written across the top. If you put a dollar in the hole, a hand took it from you. Then the song mysteriously came live right out of the box, sounding somewhat familiar, but not exactly like the original.

    I would have loved to have seen the postcards!


  5. Jogi

    I really like the looks of those wheels! How much do they weigh, and what did you pay for them, Matt?

    I look forward to see a video of you doing tricks in the dark!

  6. Is this a prelude to the announcement of Google Reference Librarian (beta), or something? 🙂

  7. Matt, please explain your job :). The mobile muffin needs to eat with the Dutch Sonja Banker diet.

  8. Man…that car is gonna have car buffs freaking out. At least if you’re going to mess up a car like that, don’t mess up a Benz.

  9. I don’t usually comment here, but couldn’t resist this post. I love crafts and didn’t know there was an event merging the passion for crafts with geek stuff! Thanks for sharing this!

  10. I want that credit card thing. Looks like a good Halloween Costume!! I will be a walking ecommerce store!

  11. boy, those are people with more creative tallent and time on their hands than I have. How many people would think of such things?

  12. I see those cupcakes at Burning Man every year! Such a nice reminder… only five months til the Burn! )'(

  13. Em

    I bet the marker-studded car is quite expensive now! The markers alone probably cost more than the car itself, not to mention the tedious work.

  14. Mercedes ROX 😀
    nice funny photo collection 😉

    Greetings form Poland, mosh

  15. Looks like a great place to wander around and people watch. We don’t get too many cool things like that here (no one wants to be outside for most of the year).