Attack of the gadget posts!

After that big post about SES San Jose 2007, I’ve got a hankering to do some gadget posts, especially about the iPhone. Expect, um, quite a few. 🙂 If you only want to read my posts about Google or SEO, here’s a reminder of how to subscribe to only my search-related posts.

Okay, ready?

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  1. Bring it on 🙂

    P.S. Did you get one of those 300 page bills? 🙂

  2. I’ve been waiting for them since you announced them (at least for the iPhone) a few weeks ago!

  3. Matt,
    atleast change this wordpress theme,it is very difficult to read,it looks like a 19 century site to me!

    A site with this kind of old fashioned theme should not have any content about the latest Gadgets like iphone!

  4. Would love to see more Gadget posts. Have you created your first iPhone app?

  5. Matt,

    Great with some more gadgets. But you might wish to add another category to your blog allowing to post updates about our good friends which you haven’t update us about for a looooong time:

    o Emmy & Oz 🙂
    o Books/Magazines
    o Food
    o Gadgets/Hack
    o Games
    o Glossary/Definitions
    o Google/SEO
    o How to
    o iPhone
    o Linux
    o Movies/Videos
    o Music
    o Personal
    o Productivity
    o Television
    o Travel
    o Uncategorized
    o Web/Net
    o Weblog/blog

  6. I think the categories shoud be updated from time to time.

  7. Well, love to see something on Gadgets and iPhone too.

  8. hi Matt,
    iPhone, it is so hot right now, would love to get more insight in to this cool device. As i am in Europe still not able to get my hands on one on these, but waiting for the launch of iPhone in Germany to grab one. In the mean while love to know as much as possible about it. looking forward for your post.

  9. Umm…. iPhone? You’re just rubbing it in now, right? We Dutch can get an iPhone for 550 euros but we cannot even use it as a phone.


  10. Wit, by the time the iPhone shows up in Europe, it will probably do more tricks (e.g. 3G). That’s just a guess, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait. 🙂

  11. I can’t wait till it finally is released in Australia 🙁

  12. Personally, I think you already have too many categories. I think travel and iphone, for example, should fall under personal. That said, it is YOUR blog … so it makes sense that you should be the one to pick the format.

  13. really nice one…

    thus any body here unlocked the iphone… last week on the news they said that a filipino unlocked the iphone…