Ale 8-1

This is the second time I’ve worn my Ale8 1 T-shirt and it turned out to be a good day at work. I’m starting to think it’s lucky. Some people think that the height of being a Kentuckian is going to the Kentucky Derby. Nope–I know very few Kentuckians who drink mint juleps by choice. Real Kentuckians drink Ale 8-1. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’ve never heard of it, consider yourself hipper than the people who won’t hear about it until Elizabethtown comes out.

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  1. rob

    Hmmn ‘a late one’ eh?

    Over here, a late one is like afters in the pub.The landlord locks the doors, and you sit or stand there and hammer your liver a little more, whilst plying the till with more cash.

    Wait, this Ale 8-1, it’s not even alcoholic!

    Fake alcopops lookylikey.

  2. Thanks for the info! I’m going to have to order some of this stuff!!! Can you describe it’s taste?

  3. A Little Guy

    Used to drink it all the time back home in Danville, but, of course, never was deemed cool enough to actually get the t-shirt. ;0

  4. ahh yes, winchester p1ss water. seems like only hardcore kentuckians can stomach a late one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey Matt

    Less of a comment, more of a question – hope you don’t mind. I was just wondering (in this thread – why are there so few cars in the Google carparks, and not a single person to be seen? Were these shots taken on a Sunday??


  6. That’s a good mf-ing soda. Kentucky in the house!

  7. Matt

    Chris, I thought you were from Kentucky. ๐Ÿ™‚ FranciscoIV, it’s kinda like ginger ale, but with some kick. It’s good for coding, like Jolt is, because it’s very caffeinated.

    Henry Elliss, there’s a parking garage under the GooglePlex. On the weekends, many Googlers park there to escape the hot sun. The picture could also pre-date when Google moved in, I suppose.

  8. Owensboro say Ale 8 One rocks !

    We also like Moon Pies and RC Colas, Cracker Barrel, Orange Crush, Canada Dry, Peanuts in our RC Colas, BBQ, Bluegrass and blogs by Kentuckians.

  9. BTW – just added you to my blog roll…..

    Anybody who mentions KY is deserving of a link

  10. Hi Matt,
    So that’s the secret to be smart as you ?
    Kentucky Powaa !!!

  11. Ale-8. Wow, I haven’t had that since I moved to CA 2 years ago from Lexington.

    Good to find all the Kentuckians online. I miss it sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Wildcat

    Carlisle, KY in the house. Carlisle is the greatest city in KY. Come join us for the blackberry festival and enjoy ICE COLD Ale 8’s ( The greatest drink ever made)

  13. Miriam - Las Vegas NV

    Ale 8 Too bad you can only get in in Kentucky! I would love to have a franchise in Las Vegas.

    It’s GREAT!

  14. Matt,

    I always find your blog very interesting, but never find time to read through. So I got bored today waiting to go eat at my favorite Japanese steakhouse and thought I’d look at your food blogs. Are you from Kentucky?

    Ale-8 – wow – haven’t heard that in a long time….I am from Lexington KY – born in Danville and well you know us “Bluegrassians”. I went to college in TN and we used to drive hours just to be able to pick up some Ale-8 – finally a place started carrying it locally. Now I’m in Florida – is it still around?

    Oh and are you from Kentucky? If so – very cool – just another person to prove that not everyone in kentucky quit school in 6th grade to marry their sister!

  15. Kentucky and ale! hmmmmmmmmm!
    LOL ! I mean Fried Chicken!
    I tought drinking ale was an irish favourite.

    I challenge anyone here to an ale drinking contest!

  16. Kentucky and ale! hmmmmmmmmm!
    LOL ! I mean Fried Chicken!
    I tought drinking ale was an irish favourite.

    I challenge anyone here to an ale drinking contest!

  17. Mike K.

    My son and I just got back to San Diego,CA from visiting my mom and my sister and her family in Lexington, KY. My Brother-in-law Greg introduced me to Ale-8-1 and I’m hooked! This stuff is a great thirst quencher and it has my favorite food item….CAFFIENE!! If you are ever in the Nicholasville area, stop in to Warner’s Printing Service and tell Greg K. to send Mike K. some more Ale-8!!! Mike

  18. Brendan Lotzer

    Yea this stuff is awesome i went down on a mission trip with my church from minnesota and I think combined we probally bought 500 bottles! I know that I had at least 100 because i brought 108 home but they are already gone and its only been a month i wish its wasnt sooo expensive to ship it here!! This stuff is great!

  19. Linda

    Wish you could get Ale8 in flordia. I am from Winchester and miss it sooooo much.