In DC for the inauguration

My wife and I decided to head to Washington D.C. for the inauguration, and I’m already glad that I did. On the way out of a party, I spotted Minnesota Senator-elect Al Franken (Update: he’s not a Senator-elect yet, as the results haven’t been certified). Someone asked him to do a short “Hi kids, stay in school” video message for a classroom in Florida. A lady was telling him his car had arrived, and he said told her to wait just a while because this was for a teacher. Then he told the kids to study hard.

For Christmas I got a Flip MinoHD and I’ve been carrying it around in my pocket in case anything worthy of video happened to me. So I whipped out my Flip and got Al Franken in video. Franken was in public and recording a message to inspire kids to study, so I really don’t think he’ll mind if I post it here:

Al Franken: if you do mind, let me know and I’ll take the video down. It was just a nice coincidence given that I’d been in D.C. for maybe two hours before seeing my first senator. Oh, and that’s not even counting how I saw Barack Obama after I landed at the airport:

Matt Cutts and Barack Obama

I’ll be in D.C. for a few days, so if folks could avoid emailing me this coming week, that would be appreciated. 🙂

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  1. You do know that the election process isn’t over in Minnesota? Franken isn’t a Senator elect yet. There are three phases to the Minnesota recount process, and only two of those have been completed…

  2. Dave (originial)

    Best of luck to all US citizens. I sure hope Obama can walk his talk.

  3. Wating for photo report from you after inauguration =)

  4. Glen Harness, folks were introducing him as the Senator-elect from Minnesota, but I see that you’re right. I updated the post. Thanks!

  5. Damn you flew right over my house and I didn’t even wave at the plane!

    Here’s some political irony… (I’m joking here so don’t get on my case)

    I post to the Google Profiles Q and A board and a Google engineer points out that I wasn’t using Chrome (ouch!)

    I look at your blog and I see the “Almost Spring” theme


    while you’re in DC ask if my ISSN # for my blogspot magazine has been issued yet please.
    My friends are asking me why don’t I get a domain name for my magazine, I answered: what’s wrong with ?


  6. A short-sleeved polo shirt in 3 degree weather? Hmmm….

  7. Yeah, The US needs all the prayers and luck she can get now. At least we know the ideology of some googlers.

  8. Matt, welcome to Washington D.C. Hope you have fun. It’s definitely a city that I love. Also… hope you’ll come back some time. We have a blossoming tech community that I think you’d enjoy.

  9. Wow, he looks a *little* like you and has a very similar speaking cadence. Long lost relative perhaps.

  10. Jealous! 🙂

  11. The president-elect looks a little uncomfortable in that photo. You didn’t make a nasty comment about his stimulus package, did you?

  12. Matt,

    Pls say hello from me next time you meet BarackObama. I’m a big fan of Obama, you know 🙂

  13. Blake Newton, he did seem a bit stiff when I was standing next to him, come to think of it. And a bit quiet too, now that I look back. Hmmm…

  14. Nice choice on the part of whoever got you the flipminoHD, mine has been within 3m of me ever since I had it. You never know when something amazing might happen (in a nice way, rather than a Cloverfield way though I hope)!

  15. I’m envious of your trip, Matt! Hope you and your wife have a good time at the inauguration.

  16. Will you also take part in the CNN experiment: ?
    Must be great to hear all that digital camera’s at the same moment!

  17. I met Al Franken this last summer. Nice guy, although he didn’t talk about his comedy career that much. He’s got some good stories.

  18. Matt, you kind of look like a cardboard cutout too…from the waist up.

  19. Matt-

    Ha ha ha, I can’t believe there’s an inaugural store! Only in America!


  20. Slightly off topic here Matt but what do you think of the MinoHD?

    I’m playing with the idea of ordering one … would appreciate your feedback.

  21. Hope you enjoy the ceremony – Obama will be the real leader

  22. Isn’t it crazy about Al Franken? I remember watching him on Trading Places – he was one of the handlers of the Gorilla on the train. Too Funny.
    But more importantly, I couldn’t be more proud of this country for electing Obama. Today is truly a HUGE turning point for the USA and you are there … WOW … sooooo jealous! Have a blast Matt!!!

  23. Nice pic with the cardboard cut out
    Who is that guy with Matt Cutts 🙂

  24. Matt – you’ve lost a lot of weight over the last year! I wonder if Barack is really that tall though 🙂

    Watching the inauguration live over the internet right now.

  25. May God The Compassionate The Merciful Bless And Protect President Barak Hussein Obama . Congrats USA 🙂

  26. ‘We seek a new way forward’

    Text of Barack Obama’s Inauguration Speech – January 20, 2009.

  27. Nice stuff over there…

  28. I agree with Ian M Said, from the waist up you look like a cardboard person in the picture. Anyway, I have to tell you that I don’t understand a thing in the interview … there’s just way too much noise for any non native speaker to understand I guess.
    Nice post and I’m really happy like everyone here about the new president in the Oval Office!

  29. Dave (originial)

    Well done America, your 1st black President. Next Predident (female), Hilary Cliton 🙂

  30. Its all over on TV, even here in India. 🙂 I am really glad that India and US are having a friendly relation now as compared to the past. Btw Matt have you heard about the 26/11 terrorist attacks in India?

  31. “Next Predident (female), Hilary Cliton”

    Oh please no, no Hillary for president. The nastiness of her campaign was only beaten by that of McCain’s. I’m really glad that the US chose the candidate who avoided negative campaigning.

    I’ll also try to resist commenting on the somewhat ironic typo there…

  32. Hey Matt:

    You have the best job ever. Pinkberry trips, presidential tours, and best of all, the power to make or break any business.

    You actually have more power than the pres when you think about it!

  33. Matt:

    You lost weight. You look great. You should run for internet czar.

  34. Dave (originial)

    Ian, it won’t be my problem if Hillary Clinton gets in next time 🙂

    Anyway, you took my post too literally, all I meant was perhaps the next US President will be a Female. I.e. 2 Milestones within a Decade.

    It is good to see the US breaking away from their terrible racist history. The rest bof the World will admire and appreciate that as it is the only way others can tell the US is not rotten at the core.

  35. Sas the note at the bottom of

    “After all, if I really wanted to leave the impression that the Search Engines favor me, I would have published this picture along with my messaging.” (picture is of Matt Cutts and Todd Mintz, the author of the post).

    I think we need a cardboard cutout of Matt Cutts for all the web and SEO conferences. 🙂

  36. Good Photo 😉

  37. It really is a big change for America. A few days ago I stood in front of a crowd speaking, and it felt like the 50’s must have felt.

    America for the first time in my life feels innocent. I like it.

    I even have a patient who changed their citizenship to U.S. just so they could vote in the election.

    A lot of people are proud to be Americans right now.


  38. Indeed, it seems you are having fun with Mr. Preseident… lol