30 Day checkin: book challenge

So how did I do on the “15 books in 30 days” challenge? Not too badly–I made it through 12 books. I could probably have squeezed in three more books, but I’d rather take my time and enjoy books than artificially force things for a deadline. I’ll make up those last three books later. πŸ™‚

This month is really busy with some internal Google projects–don’t worry, not related to webspam–so I’m not planning to do a new 30 day challenge this month. I have kept biking in to work and I’m enjoying it more lately. I think I’ll enjoy biking even more after I bling my bike out with the full-color LED lights I bought from MonkeyLectric at Maker Faire. Here’s an image from MonkeyLectric’s gallery to show you what they look like:

MonkeyLectric LED Bike lights

I have to say, they’re a big step up from my Tireflys, which are just LEDs that stick on the stem valve of your bike tire.

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  1. Marcus

    First! No, joking, but good to see you got through twelve books of fifteen. I have a hassle making through one book in three weeks. Reading over the Wheel of Time again in time for the release of the new book.

    Keep riding your bike! Good for the enviroment, good for your own health. I bike to work whenever I can πŸ˜€

  2. Hem.. the bike look so different. Of course in good way.

  3. NG

    I think a lot of the people who read this blog would be happy to carry you on their backs to your office, if only they could talk to you in person.

  4. webjet

    Well done on the book challenge. I suppose the internet and games consoles have taken up much of the space once filled by reading books, that’s progress…maybe.
    More people should take up biking, great for the environment, healthy and kind of slows the pace down a bit. I have a Trek that I’ve had for years, but I can walk to work almost as quick as biking it so I walk.
    Those lights should get you seen on the road!! A bit of bling and a safety feature all in one.

  5. 12 book in 30 days is great going. I agree with you about not forcing yourself through them.
    How about telling us which ones you read? I’ve picked up a few books because of your recommendations and enjoyed them.
    This could be the start of Matt’s book club. You could soon have the publishing clout of Oprah!

  6. Ken

    It just cries out for squirrel tail hand grips!

  7. As a child, did you ever run over an aluminum pop can and have it stick to your wheel? It makes a noise similar to putting a card in the spokes. You should do that too, then your bike would be super rad! πŸ˜›

  8. The gloves complete the look . . .you must get the green hobo gloves.

  9. EGOL

    Great to hear you are still biking to work – and getting more enjoyment out of it. Allez!

  10. Morris Rosenthal

    Everybody prepare for an uptick in UFO sightings:-)


  11. Colin C.

    What were the 12 books you read?

  12. Looking forward to more great books to steer my pop towards. I think you both share some overlapped reading interests. Glad your still biking Matt, stay healthy. Hope the hair returns to you shortly :D.

  13. Tut, tut… no helmet? Interesting look, but I wonder if it would distract other road users a little.

    As for 12 books in 30 days… how on earth do you find the time to do all that with all the emails, tweets, etc. you must receive? πŸ™‚

    [ On that note… pretty please… if you get chance, could you fire off a reply to the latest tweet from @ukseries ? If it helps, I’m referring to this one (which relates to this site). Thanks a bundle. ]

  14. The bike looks good, but it would look MUCH better if the rider had a helmet. All the lights in the world don’t do any good if the bike goes over and hit your head on the way down. (Plus you can put even more lights on the helmet!)

  15. Matt Kennedy

    Do you read books just to tell people how many books you have read?

  16. I agree with @Simon. I would love to hear some of the books you read and if you have any high-level thoughts. “Matt’s Book Club” would be awesome, but Oprah may feel threatened. πŸ™‚

  17. Matt, you should cheat like me and get a subscription to audible and then you can “read” more books on all the bike rides into work.

  18. My husband and I took our RV to Hilton Head last weekend and we brought the bikes. I haven’t been on a bike in years. Made me feel like a kid. Hmmm, wonder if an old lady on a bike with tricked out tires like those would turn some heads? At least get a laugh!

  19. Hey Matt, Enjoyed the visuals! And how great you’re riding your bike and wow, I’m impressed 12 books in 30 days. You are the man!

  20. Jason Nazar, if I could get a bluetooth headset to play audio in one ear while I kept one ear open to the road, I totally would. I think the iPhone can only do phone calls with Bluetooth, not play audio? Maybe I should try it on my G1.

    Agreed on the need for a helmet, everyone, and I always wear one. This was just a clip art picture from the website that I didn’t think they’d mind me using to show the product.

  21. Wow!! Matt these bikes are really cool. How does it work ? those light effects.

  22. angilina

    Matt, these LEDs will only work at night right? Are you suppose to ride your bike at night? πŸ™‚

  23. 12 books in 30 days – pretty impressive! Bristol (UK) is built on 7 hills but despite this there are alot of bike commuters. I cheated a bit and got an electric bike to get me up the hills without too much effort. I love those LED lights they are fabulous. πŸ™‚

  24. Hey awsome one, such a nice color, i too agree it need a colorful helmet also:) enjoy biking

  25. What’s a little disconcerting is that on the Monkeylectric picture gallery is there is only one picture (that I noticed) where a rider is wearing any form of helmet / protective headgear. In their video which shows quite a bit of footage, I’m not sure I saw a single helmet (despite riders doing a variety of stunts in some cases).

    Is it, I wonder, because it’s not considered ‘cool’ to wear a helmet and that this image doesn’t sit well with the product? If that’s the case, that’s a shame. Helmets can reduce the risk of injury by up to 85% apparently, so it ought to be a no-brainer.

  26. Brilliant. Those LEDs will totally make your bike faster.

  27. Heya Matt,

    I’ve been playing this new MMO called Champions Online with the Mrs. this past week and I’m rather proud of this character I created. The swordsman class appealed to me and the word “cuts” came to mind, so it was all downhill from there. πŸ™‚


    I get to create a custom nemesis for my character once I’ve gained a few more levels. Any suggestions? Perhaps a lumbering QuadsZilla with a dinosaur tail, or a sneaky Grey Wolf with supersharp claws, or how about the grotesquely rotund Keyword Stuffer with the powers of confusion?

  28. Monkey Electric is not environmental friendly.

  29. BTW, just tried to post a comment on latest blog entry (the one after this one) and, the moment I click in the text box, it’s re-directing to http://www.google.com/mobile/products/search.html

    I notice there’s no comments as yet on that post, so maybe others are getting the same thing. I’m guessing that’s not meant to happen…?

  30. Love the lights! Besides the superfly aesthetic value, they would actually make you safer and much more visible to cars at night or in the early am, in addition to proper headlights and reflectors of course.

  31. That actually makes for a great photograph and the lights are more noticeable than anything I have seen in less than daylight.

  32. Colin Colehour

    Can you post a list of the 12 books you read during the 30 day challenge?

  33. That’s better than telling stories about how you stuck Mickey Mantle baseball cards in your spokes and rode around the neighborhood like my parents often remind me about (there goes another year of your grandsons college tuition!)

  34. Next time try 30 days game challenge. Or 30 hours game challenge. πŸ˜‰

  35. wow, that’s not a bike, it’s a light show! keep on riding!

  36. Cool grown up Tireflys :o) you’ll get yourslef noticed with those

  37. I have been doing 30 challenge groups with friends for the past three months, we have a private group on facebook to tell our stories within and I blogged about my recent challenges here…. ilikeallthesethings.wordpress.com/ Have fun, its always good to challenge yourself!

  38. Hi Matt,

    My brother and I are doing similar challenges, but on a weekly basis. We’re on our 10th challenge now, which is similar to your no TV challenge. The post for it should be up tomorrow. If you want to check out the ones we’ve done it’s weeklylifechallenge.com .

    Keep on challenging.