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Help me pick my new 30 day challenge

Okay, I’ve finished roughly a year of 30 day challenges, and now I’d like your help picking new ideas. So far, I’ve done:
– 30 days with no TV (May)
– 30 days of 10,000 steps each day (June)
– 30 days biking into work (July)
– reading 15 books in 30 days (I only made it to 12) (August)
I took September off. I had a bunch of work I had to focus on.
– 30 days with no Microsoft software or operating systems (October)
– 30 days without Robert Scoble (November). I like Robert a lot; this was kind of a no-op/easy 30 day challenge to force me to find additional people that I’m interested in online.
– 30 days with no caffeine (December)
– 30 days with no Twitter or FriendFeed (January)
– 30 days with no iPhone (February)
– 30 days with no sugar (March). That was hard. My wife and I did this one together and it was the roughest.
– 30 days without replying to external email (April). This one was hard and I wasn’t perfect, but I got in much better balance on time spent on email.
– 30 days with no Facebook (May). This one was another easy one for me. I never used Facebook that much in the first place.

So what should I do now? So far I’m playing with two ideas:
– no email after 10 p.m. Email remains the biggest part of my life where I lack balance, and I still need to get it more under control.
– read 50 pages a day. This is one that my wife has been doing, and she’s been enjoying it.

Other possibilities include:
– 30 days as a vegetarian.
– read the Bible (or the Qur’an) in 30 days. I’ve never read either all the way through.
– 30 days of trying to learn to play guitar.
– meditate 10-15 minutes a day for 30 days.
– try one new thing a day for 30 days.
– draw something everyday for 30 days.
– try polyphasic sleep for 30 days.
– go 30 days spending as little money as possible.
– learn as much of a new language as possible in 30 days.
– 30 days to get my finances in order (I haven’t really paid attention to financial stuff as much as I should).
– try to write a novel/book in 30 days.
– write down one thing I’m thankful for each day for 30 days.

Okay, those are a few that I’ve come up with. Tell me your suggestions and then I might put up a poll to let people vote. 🙂