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Grab bag questions

I have some extra time in my calendar today, so I thought I’d open up a thread for questions. Post your questions over on Google Moderator so that I can see which questions are popular. I’ve only got 45-60 minutes, so I can’t answer every question, but I’ll try to answer at least a few popular questions and a few interesting questions.

Just like in the past, please ask questions that everyone might be interested in, not just “What happened to my site”

Learn More about the Canonical Link Element

A week or so ago I did a post about the canonical link tag, including a pointer to a 3-4 minute video about the tag.

If you enjoyed that video but wanted to learn more, last week I sat down and recreated the presentation that I did at SMX West. You can watch the “director’s cut” of the video (click in the lower-right of the video to get the high-quality version). Here’s the video:

And you can access the slides directly or follow along here:

One exciting new development even since we made the video is that Ask announced that they will support the canonical tag. This means that pretty much all the major search engines will support this as an open standard. That should make life easier for site owners, developers, and webmasters.

If you like this video, you might also want to check out our new webmaster video channel on YouTube as well.

Last call for “no results” pages

This is the last call for “noresult” pages. If you want to mention examples, please send them to us this week. Here’s how to do it.

Do you get these emails?

Every so often I get emails to my old school account that begin

Dear Professor Dr. M. Cutts

Taking in mind your valuated achievements in mathematics, it is a pleasure
for us to invite you to publish a work in “International Journal of Pure
and Applied Mathematics”.

I never finished my Ph.D. because I stopped working on it to join Google. So I’m not Dr. M. Cutts, Professor M. Cutts, and certainly not Professor Dr. M. Cutts.

Does anyone else get these? Has any else followed up on these emails to figure out what’s going on behind these emails?

Video of my “State of the Index” talk

One of my goals for 2009 is that when I do a substantial presentation at a conference, I want to recreate that presentation for the people who couldn’t make it to the conference. As part of that effort, we just did a post on the official webmaster blog with the video and slides from when I spoke at PubCon Las Vegas late last year.

Through the magic of embedding, you can watch the talk here too if you want:

and you can view my slides online or follow along below:

This video runs a bit longer than the in-person presentation did (a little over twenty minutes); if you decide to watch it, feel free to leave it going in the background while you get other things done. You can also get access to this video in high-quality — just click on the triangle near the bottom-right of the screen, and look for the “HQ” option.