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Vote vote vote!

The polls will be closed by this time tomorrow, so don’t forget to vote, everyone if you’re a U.S. citizen. 🙂

Update: If you want to find out where to vote, you can go to to find your voting location. And if you happen to be a California voter, you can brush up on the propositions online at California’s official voter guide site.

Update: Obama won the election with electoral votes to spare. Whether you like Obama’s policies or not, McCain put it well in his concession speech that tonight is a historic night. I’ve heard a lot of great speeches (I can recommend this CD set for example) and I thought the speeches tonight by both McCain and Obama were right up there.

Halloween 2008 wrap-up

I missed a few Halloween tidbits:

– Our Halloween post on the Google webmaster blog gives you a feel for Halloween at Google. The dog dressed up as a lion was pretty awesome. There was also a guy dressed as the Android from Google’s mobile phone OS.

– What happens when a witch accidentally collides with a telephone pole? This is what happens:

Witch accident

– Besides the yummy mummy cupcakes, my wife also made chocolate candy corn cupcakes:

Chocolate candycorn cupcakes

– Fitz took a turn as the Dude.

– And my cat Ozzie decided that he wanted to be a feather boa dancer for Halloween:

Ozzie with a boa feather

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!