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Halloween 2007: LOLCat

This picture pretty much says it all:

Matt Cutts as LOL cat

The T-shirt is hand-made with an iron-on. The only thing you’re not seeing is my tail in the back, and the back of the shirt says “K THX BYE.” 🙂

If you don’t spend all your time on the internet, you can find out more about LOLCats here.

Unofficial poll on Google Reader features

Earlier this year, I was reading about 100 feeds in Google Reader. When I went on vacation for a few weeks, I cut back to about 30 feeds. But I thought I’d be smart about the 70 feeds that I stopped reading. Instead of unsubscribing from those 70 feeds completely, I made an “unread” folder and moved the feeds to the “unread” folder. Why? Well, I figured that at some point, I might be able to go back and catch up on all the unread items that I’d missed in those 70 feeds.

Not too long ago, I did try to go back and catch up on all those unread items in Google Reader. Hooray! But there was a problem: it looks like if you don’t read an item within 30 days or so, the item automatically gets marked as read in Google Reader. So for those 70 feeds, I lost a few months of potentially interesting items. 🙁

I spend a lot of time in Google Reader every day, and I really love it (and the Google Reader team!). It’s rare that I discover something like the “silently mark an item as read after 30 days” surprise. So I started making a list of all the little features that I might want in Google Reader. Just to be clear, I haven’t talked to the Reader team at all about their planned features or roadmap, so this is just a personal list that I came up with myself. What feature would you most want to see in Google Reader?


I’m sure I missed some good suggestions. What features would you want to see in Google Reader? Remember, this is just an informal poll. I’m sure the Reader team is busy; I was personally just curious what Google Reader features people would want.

Wildfire relief donations

If you want to donate money for the people affected by wildfires in Southern California, Google has a page up. The Associated Press collected a good list of other organizations as well.

Bugs? Especially international bugs..

Every few weeks I like to call for Google bugs. I’ve got a joint meeting tomorrow with several people to talk about potential bugs, so if you know of any, feel free to mention them in the comments. To remind people of what I’m looking for, here’s the guidelines:

Just to be clear, pruning will be ruthless for this post: I only want to see specific queries that seem to show bugs, and the more concisely you can explain something, the better. I’ll probably keep just the first example of what looks like a bug. I’ve got a meeting at noon tomorrow to talk about search bugs, so I’ll probably lock the comments after that.

Please don’t include stuff like “it’s a bug that you (do something I don’t like, don’t index/rank my site as much as I want).” 🙂 Instead, I’m looking for specific bug reports to pass on.

In addition, I’d be curious to hear about any international bugs that you know of. If we don’t handle the top-level domain of Serbia correctly, or if we don’t do a currency conversion correctly, or concrete things like that are welcome..

Halloween 2007: what should I be?

I’m trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year. At various times, I have been Google’s original chef Charlie, a punk rocker with blue hair, and Inigo Montoya. Last year, I thought about going as Silent Bob from the movie Clerks, but had killed Jeeves that year, so instead I dressed as a zombie version of Jeeves.

Any costume suggestions for me for Halloween?