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Bill Gates on The Daily Show

Did anyone else tune in to see Bill Gates on The Daily Show? How do you think he did? Do you plan to take Vista for a spin in the next few months?

And does Jon Stewart really not know what a beta program is? For shame, sir. For shame. 🙂

Climbing Mt. Email

I’m at the base of Mt. Email. The summit looks very high (elevation of 400+ emails), but I know that I’ll never reach the top unless I start climbing. There’s no way I can reach the summit tonight or even in a week, but maybe I’ll get to a reasonable base camp in a few days. If you’re waiting for an email reply from me, it will take me a while to reach the peak; please be patient. If you’ve emailed from the outside world, I might ask Adam Lasnik for some help to take some of the email load off my shoulders.

Update: a full day of work, still managed to touch base with my team, and down to 325 emails. The remaining ones get harder and harder though..

Site feedback for 4-5 sites

Completely independent of the recent algorithm to minimize the impact of Googlebombs, we continue to do data pushes on a near-daily basis where some people can see their rankings change:

I said to expect those (roughly monthly) updates to become more of a daily thing. That data refresh became more frequent (roughly daily instead of every 3-4 weeks or so) well over a month ago. My best guess is that any changes people are seeing are because that particular data is being refreshed more frequently.

Some people have been asking for more info about possible reasons for ranking changes. I wish I had time to give site-specific advice to every webmaster, but I’m sorry to say that I can’t. But this morning I took an hour or two and looked at 4-5 sites where people were asking about changes in ranking for their sites. I wrote up my comments and advice for those sites, which sits in a huge comment right here.

If you’ve seen ranking changes for your site recently, I hope that some of the feedback on those sites will be more widely helpful and give a few areas for people to check out on their sites.

Algorithm to reduce Googlebomb impact

There’s a post up on the Google webmaster blog that discusses a change to reduce the impact of Googlebombs. If you’ve never heard of a “Googlebomb,” Danny gives some in-depth Googlebomb background and context over at Search Engine Land.

Special thanks to Ryan and Kendra for putting in a little 20% time on Googlebombs. 🙂

New look for image search & Groups out of beta

I realized that I didn’t mention that Google Image Search got a makeover. The focus is on the thumbnails, but as you mouse over an image, you get more info. It looks like this:

Daffodil search

If you haven’t taken image search for a spin in a while, now is a good time.

In other news, the new version of Google Groups has left beta status. Two big new features are the ability to customize the look and feel of your discussion group and the ability to upload files that are shared with the group.

Congrats to both the Groups team and the Image Search team. It’s always nice when you can refresh things or drop a beta label. 🙂