Travel/vacation plans for first half of 2007

In case people are interested, this is how my travel and vacations appear to be shaping up for the first half of 2007:

– I’m taking next week off. I didn’t really get to take much time off between Christmas and New Year’s, and my seven-year anniversary is this month (!), so I’m planning to get out of town with my wife, read a few books, and not check email. At all. πŸ™‚
– mid-February: I think I’ll make it to SES London and then stop by Google’s Dublin office. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a search conference outside the U.S., and I’d love the chance to visit Google folks in Dublin. For that matter, I’d love to visit other Google offices from Hyderabad to Zurich, but it’s important to start somewhere. πŸ™‚
– March: nothing but work planned. There’s a couple search conferences in Australia, but I think other Googlers will do a fine job speaking down under.
– April: I may hit SES New York, depending on how busy things are, but it should be a good month to get work done.
– May: I’m hoping to take a few weeks off in May.
– June: mostly work. But I may duck up to the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) for a couple days because I’ve never gotten to visit the Kirkland team on their home turf. πŸ™‚

Right now the second half of 2006 2007 is looking like a solid expanse of work, perhaps with a trip to PubCon in November.

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  1. matt,

    It sounds like you really need some time to relax and spend some time with your wife. I am sure all the Matt Cutts junkies will survive a week with out you. Enjoy and have a great 2007!

  2. >> the second half of 2006

    Ummm, it looks like last year to me, but you Googlers are always coming up with neat things, time travel perhaps?

    I’m off to Florida myself next week, maybe some bikini patrol at Fort Liquordale or Miami if I can squeeze it in.

  3. You know, Google has a Sydney office now πŸ˜›

  4. Damn; changed it. At first, everything said 2006 because my brain isn’t used to 2007 yet and it’s late. At least I got most of them before I posted. πŸ™‚

  5. If you come by Leeds way in the UK be happy to take you for a drink!

  6. Hi Matt,

    Having recently moved to Leeds, UK three months ago from Atlanta, it will be nice to hear one more “Canadian accent” as I’ve been accused of having!

    I’m speaking on the SEM Tools panel. It would be great if you could share a few of your favorites.


  7. Sounds like you have loads planned! But I must admit I’m sad to hear you won’t be able to make it down to some Aussie search conferences.

    One the topic of Aussie conferences which ones would you recommend?

  8. Just how many vacation days do you Googlers get? Here I am scrimping to plan my 5 for the year.

  9. If you come to SES London don’t forget to check the parties and events schedule here:

    It would be good to see you at one of these πŸ™‚

  10. Time off? Whaaaat? Is that allowed?

    Wierd, I am going to have to chat with the rest of the share-holders and get back to you on this one. There most have been a memo somewhere?

    Yeessh – the nerve.

    Sounds great in theory M – but then there’s the ‘inbox from Hell’ to deal with upon return. No probs… have everything forwarded to me and I’ll cover.. ( yikes.. I can imagine the combined Inbox… scary)


  11. Sums are getting harder, Matt πŸ˜› Give us an update on if you will be attending SES London – us Brits don’t get our fair share of SEO meets!

  12. Matt;

    No plans for SES San Jose?!?!

  13. Gary Beal, most of my favorite SEM tools are internal to Google. πŸ™‚ Things like Analytics and Reader and Blogsearch are a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of stuff though.

    Ryan, you get more vacation days the longer you’ve been at Google. It’s a pretty generous plan, much like the rest of the benefits at Google.

    sem4u, thanks for that pointer. If I make it (and right now I’m planning to) I’ll have my wife with me, so there may be limited party-age. πŸ™‚

    Audrey, good point. SES San Jose is like a 20 minute drive for me, so I didn’t really add it, but I’ll probably be hanging around. πŸ™‚

  14. Hmmm London you say..

  15. I’m an expert on vacation right now. πŸ™‚

  16. Sounds like a fun packed 2007 with a good amount of work mixed in eh πŸ˜‰

  17. Great Matt!

    Enjoy your vacations you deserve it!!!

    If you need help finding accommodations for your travels, I think I can help you in :p

  18. Matt you should go to Alaska in June after SMX; that’s what I’m planning with my husband.

    Read this review:

  19. Would be great to see you at SES London Matt, I’d certainly like to buy you a pint if you get the opportunity πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your vacation!

  20. Blimey Matt, sooooo many conferences and only one Mr Cutts ( well I guess there are others but they’re probably not quite so in demand).
    Whilst in London, seeing as Mrs Cutts will also be on British soil too (and it being Valetines and all), why not try and get yourself booked into or I’m sure you’d earn some big brownie points!

  21. I should get a contact at Google Dublin really, so I can stop by on my Ireland roadtrip in March.

    Good to see that comment spamming in the travel industry is booming. errr…



  22. Dear Matt,
    Great to hear you are planning to pay a visit to Google office in Hyderabad, India. There are lot of SEO related companies in Hyderabad and ours is one such ( You have great many admirers in our company here and especially our SEO Team, you are like a God ! Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!
    If possible, please try to spare sometime for us to have a glimpse of you and we feel very lucky if we have a talk with you.

    Warm Regards,

  23. Hi Matt,

    Nice to see your message, that you love to come to Hyderabad. We are group of young SEO’s would like to meet you. Is it possible ??


  24. Thanks Matt. I use those as well. That’s how I found out you responded (Alerts)

    I’ve seen a few comment on the tools you used during Chicgo, just wanted to hear it from Indigos mouth…lol

    Look forward to seeing you in London.


  25. You sure need a break! So does your wife for being so understanding and patient while you ran through your hectic schedule. Since you are planning a getaway for your anniversary, the perfect hideaway would be the Maldives. Unlike many other destinations that promise sun, sand, sea and blissful tranquility but leaves you wanting when you actually get there; the Maldives actually is a piece of heaven!. sparkling, turquoise waters stretch as far as your eyes can see from the island resorts that are not much more than mere sand banks surrounded by spectacular reefs inhabited by unbelievable marine flora and fauna. And don’t be disheartened by the size of the islands – they have every modern amenity you would wish for. Visit and you will see for yourself that I am not exaggerating.

  26. Good news you’re coming to the UK, if you fancy a relaxing break in Cornwall we’re a 30 minute flight from the Dublin office.

    ToastedTeacake, second that, I took my missus to the OXO Tower for valentines a couple of years ago – you’ll definitely score points ;-). It may already be fully booked so call them today if you want to go.

  27. OH NO!!!!!! This is NOT the right time to take vacation with the HUGE problems with your search results right now!!!

    Please stay home and fix it first THEN you can go on vacation!!

  28. George – I’d like to see an /irony at end of your post!
    I do not belive YOU would even think of the work which is likely to be done when you wana go on vacation.

    I think Google will just do all right without Matt for just one week.
    Maybe it will do even better – when he’s back an fresh.
    It doesn’t do any good for an organisation and it’ service if its best people are overwrought.
    So I hope Matt will just relax and be fresh afterwards. And I hope George gets some vacations soon, too.

    Have a nice trip Matt.

  29. If you’re coming to Dublin, you might like to check my alternative guide to Dublin! There are lots of ideas beyond the mainstream tourist sites and, if you can’t make it to Ireland, have a look at our Irish sayings and cheer up your day!

    Have a great trip, wherever you go,

    Peter Scott.

  30. You need to go somewhere cool like Costa Rica.

  31. Hi Matt,

    It iwas in 2005 when I announced to the public at SES in London and specially when I was asking some insight questions to Nikesh Arora that we named our Son Oliver Google Kai.

    I will be at the SES London ( 13, 14, 15, February ) this year and it can be a cool idea to express my love to Google on a Valentine’s Day .

    See you there Matt.

  32. hi matt
    i wish that you spend somme night in tunisia in your next summer holiday planning you know ~ north africa ~ in august is so hot and quite soft too .
    a.zakaria mami

  33. Matt, if you have a chance on your travels you should check out

    red might just look good on you.

  34. ARGH!! First ONE WEEK and yet another TWO WEEKS without Matt!
    Women where is the vA!ium I bought last week from that nice spammer!

  35. Seattle/Kirkland you say? If you do make it up here, I’ll buy you a beer πŸ™‚

  36. Vacation? Bah, humbug!

  37. Damn – you get to take vacations? I though Matt Cutts was a Google Robot or something, didnt know he was human at all !!! lol

  38. I invite you to come to Egypt May 2007 in your day offs to enjoy in Egypt and I invite you for free accommodation for 7 days, Think in it if you like to come to Egypt.

  39. Hi Matt

    Since you are going to be over in the UK and Ireland you must make a stop in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Check out the McCutts tartan and trace your ancestors!


  40. You need to go somewhere cool like Costa Rica.

  41. Hey Matt

    You lucky bugger. i wish i got vacations. Come to think of that, what are vacations again?

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  43. Wish I could go to as many places as you do. To much work and school :(. Sweet photos also. They look great, I have some sweet pictures from Mexico also.

  44. thnxx