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Help Marcela

On a more serious note, if you’ve been an SEO for a while and have been to conferences or if you visited WMW in the last few years, you probably got to meet Marcela DeVivo (aka 2_Much). Marcela helped a lot of people and always held my feet to the fire about doing more in the Hispanic market.

Now Marcela could use some help of her own. Her unborn son, Nathan Dorje Andrew, was recently diagnosed with serious brain damage. This has got to be a nightmare for an expecting mother, and she asks for your prayers. If you want to help in other ways, you can also donate money (thanks for making that page, grnidone).

I’m wishing the best for you and Nathan, Marcela.

(Via Threadwatch and Oilman.)

Update: Jeremy is matching funds if you’re thinking about donating.

SEO Answers on Google Video

Okay, I took at stab at answering several questions on Google Video. Here’s what I did in chronological order:

As you can probably tell, I shot these videos at home this weekend. I wanted to make a video so that I could give a little more detail and nuance than you’d get from reading a sentence or two. My video camera has an internal hard drive so when you connect it to a computer with USB, it looks like a hard drive with mpeg2 files. All I did was upload the files directly to Google Video from a web browser. The videos are rough because I didn’t do any editing; I just shot single takes and copied the files up.

Let me know if these are helpful, and if they are, I’ll try to make more.