Archives for April 2006

Gord in the house!

Aha. Gord Hotchkiss has joined that rollicking scrum that we call the blogosphere. 🙂 Go Mattdot his new site, Out of my Gord. You might not have seen that Bruce Clay, Inc. has a blog either. Let’s see, what else? Performancing is on my RSS reading list too.

Google Maps live in Europe

Looks like Google Maps in much of Europe is officially (well, beta) open for business. I’m not sure who spotted this first: Philipp? The Radioactive Yak? ThomasB noticed many of the features early.

See, this is why everyone’s blog should have times down to the milli/micro/pico/femto-second, so you can tell who really noticed something first. I’ve been hanging around with SEOs too long, because my brain immediately goes to the “optimizing your clock skew so it looks like you posted something first” angle. Or maybe I’m just sleepy. 🙂

Okay, show us something cool, European hackers! Can you beat the San Francisco Earthquake?? Check out those drop shadows, baby! (Thanks Nathan).

P.S. A lot of people worked really hard on this. Nice launch, Googlers.