Archives for February 2006

Google Page Creator

Oh, and by the way, it looks like Google has released a tool to make mini-websites. The Google Page Creator at lets you throw up a quick set of pages without a ton of hassle. Looks like a bunch of different look ‘n’ feel choices:

Page Creator Templates

I only showed a few templates; there’s a couple cool retro ones. It’s late, but I’ll play around with this some and be ready to talk about it at SES NYC next week. If you’re planning on doing a ton of pages or regularly updating content, you’d be better off with Blogger/WordPress/TypePad/etc. But if you just want to put up some relatively static pages or a small site, this could fit the bill. I like that you don’t have to fiddle around with FTP/scp to upload images or change a page.


I was reading about emoticons in Gmail’s new chat feature and I saw that you can make a monkey symbol:

Monkey Emoticons!

“Cool,” I thought. “I can use the monkey emoticon to tease Greg Boser a little bit more about”

Then I went to, and the site was gone?! What happened? Did I miss a memo? Greg, did you send out a Digital Monkey Copyright Act request? Did you send around a couple of hired chimps to strong-arm DaveN?