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NYC, here I come!

Okay, I walked into a restroom and it was flooded. I was approached by a gray-market cabbie whispering “Taxi” to everyone that walked by. I’m in a room where they’re turning off the water to the sink, shower and toilet from 12:01 a.m. to 5 a.m to make repairs. And the high temperature tomorrow is going to be a scorching 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Where am I?

I’m in NEW YORK CITY, baby!! Here’s the thing about New York. It’s gritty, and it’s cold right now, and it’s wonderful. New York has an energy that you just feel in your bones.

I’m checked into the hotel and I picked up my registration materials. Woohoo, it’s SES time again:

SES NYC 2006

I haven’t had a net connection for a few days, so I’m behind on email and *way-behind* on approving comments. I’ll be tackling both soon. By the way, in the Atlanta airport, I found a quiet seat by a power outlet at my gate. I happily plugged in and wifi’ed for an hour or so before I realized that the power outlet wasn’t active. It was like a decoy trap designed to sniff out geeks with laptops. Very sneaky. 🙂

For the next few days, I am here.

Google Page Creator

Oh, and by the way, it looks like Google has released a tool to make mini-websites. The Google Page Creator at lets you throw up a quick set of pages without a ton of hassle. Looks like a bunch of different look ‘n’ feel choices:

Page Creator Templates

I only showed a few templates; there’s a couple cool retro ones. It’s late, but I’ll play around with this some and be ready to talk about it at SES NYC next week. If you’re planning on doing a ton of pages or regularly updating content, you’d be better off with Blogger/WordPress/TypePad/etc. But if you just want to put up some relatively static pages or a small site, this could fit the bill. I like that you don’t have to fiddle around with FTP/scp to upload images or change a page.


I was reading about emoticons in Gmail’s new chat feature and I saw that you can make a monkey symbol:

Monkey Emoticons!

“Cool,” I thought. “I can use the monkey emoticon to tease Greg Boser a little bit more about”

Then I went to, and the site was gone?! What happened? Did I miss a memo? Greg, did you send out a Digital Monkey Copyright Act request? Did you send around a couple of hired chimps to strong-arm DaveN?

SEO Advice: A full clean-up

At SES NYC, I’ll be talking more about how we’ve been ramping up our program to email webmasters when we notice problems with sites. We want to let legitimate sites know when we spot issues like hidden text.

Based on that, I was interested to see an article about a site in the Philippines that is removing hidden text from its front page. Kudos to for taking that action. A quick check still shows some hidden text though, e.g. has some white-on-white text that I highlighted:

Hidden text

If you’re doing a reinclusion request, my advice is to make sure that all of the hidden text is gone from the site before requesting reinclusion. It may just be an oversight, but doing a full clean-up on a site before doing a reinclusion request really improves the chances of everything going smoothly.

Scoble 2.0

Scoble and I will be on a panel together next week, so I was happy to learn that his blogging is a father-and-son thing: Scoble’s son Patrick blogs as Mini Scobleizer. So far, I’ve learned that Patrick prefers Apple to Wintel machines. Among the questions Patrick poses is whether to sticker up your laptop. My answer? Well, here’s my laptop:

Skull and bones on a laptop

Go for it. Sticker that baby up. Also, I’m a firm supporter of writing in books. If you bought the book, you own it! Go ahead and write in the margins, read it in the bath tub, dog-ear the corners to mark a favorite passage, whatever you want.