Archives for January 2006

I’m on!

So I’m going to be on the SEO Rockstars show on right about, oh, now. Expect me to tease Greg Boser about I’ll update the post with a link to the mp3 when it’s ready.

Update: The show is live at so go download the mp3. It’s a mere 70-ish megabytes. Highlights included an update on BigDaddy, some questions about possible sandbox behavior, my take on the new show Lestat before it heads to Broadway, SEO contests, and my current pet peeve (subdomain spam, which BigDaddy does better on). I promised to come back in a few months, and I’m adding one condition: No press release next time.

My WordPress Theme

By the way, a few people have shown an interest in which WordPress theme I use. I enjoy the excellent Almost Spring theme by Becca.