Archives for December 2005

Stop working!

I’m in Omaha with the in-laws, so I figure I’d try to clear out my email backlog while everyone else is asleep or on holiday. I can’t believe the number of replies I’m getting from Googlers! It’s Christmas Eve, for heavens sake–stop working, everyone, so that I can get some work done! 😉 I can just imagine Santa dropping down a chimney to find yet another Googler trying to finish off just one more email or review.

This reminds me a lot of Google’s annual ski trip. Like four years ago, a co-worker stayed back at the GooglePlex and she said she got a ton of work done. So three years ago, I stayed back and got a fair amount of work done. Then two years ago, it seemed like several colleagues stayed back at the ‘plex. I didn’t get to go skiing, and my email load stayed the same. Last year, I tried being cunning and acting like I was going to go skiing and tried to get everyone else to go on the trip, then I bailed at the very last minute. My ploy didn’t work, because several people I know did the same thing.

All my past game theory plans have failed, so I give up. This year I’m skiing again.

Happy ho-ho-holidays!

I’m flying out this morning to warm, sunny cold, snowy Omaha for the next few days. I would say something like “any Nebraska webmasters want to get together to talk SEO?” except I’m only gonna be there for a short time, and I’ve heard that if you actually do something silly like walk outside your house in Nebraska in the wintertime, you turn into a Matt-sicle in about 10 minutes flat. SEJ hasn’t announced any blog awards that I’m up for yet (Notice how they are drawing out the process? Announcing over multiple days like the Nobel Prize does? Smart, very smart.). So I’ll be sleeping on a plane to Omaha, with visions of “Most likely to flame a spammer” awards dancing in my head.

I hope everyone has good holidays!