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I am a Kentuckian. In fact, I grew up in Eastern Kentucky. I therefore have a certain weakness for things like neon license plate holders, neon undercarriages, and any other glowing bling you can use to pimp your ride. But it’s also important to remember that some of the best gadgets don’t cost a lot of money. My fave gadget in terms of bang-for-the-buck are Tireflys. They replace the valve stems on your bicycle or car wheels. Whenever you and your posse start rolling, the force of the rotation causes bright LEDs to start blinking. I recommend the multicolor LEDs, which cascade through blue, red, and white. You can tell your signficant other that you’re putting them on your bike for safety reasons, but you and I will know the real reason: it starts with “B” and ends with “ling” (and bonus points if it looks like neon and blinks).


Okey doke, I think I plowed through most/all comments. I just promised myself that I wouldn’t head to bed until I was done. πŸ™‚ A few people assumed that I’d deleted their comments. Nope, I was just really slammed and didn’t get to approve comments since before Pubcon a couple weeks ago. When I started my blog, I approved every comment. That didn’t scale well, so now I think I require an approval for a person’s first comment, but after that they can comment without approval. I lean toward allowing people to comment even if they’re being negative, unless they’re just trolling or suggesting something that’s not anatomically possible. πŸ˜‰ Here’s an example of a comment that came in that I didn’t bother to approve:

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Well Matt,
I’ve been playing around with the big 3 engines. It is pretty obvious that Google now ranks 3rd and relevance is a joke. When is Google going to get back to providing end users with relevant content? or is it about getting searchers to click on the right hand side? Update before the holidays again, nice. I guess it is all about money now for Google which is fine. Remember people have a choice and slowly you will loose market share. It may take a while but it will happen. Content is king, that’s now a joke. We are seeing graphical sites with few backlinks ranking very high, do you care to explain this? or are you going to laugh all the way to the bank?

I don’t think that the real billg would bother to stop by and post that, ya know? Anyway, I’ll try to keep up now. πŸ™‚