On Leave

I wanted to let folks know that I’m about to take a few months of leave. When I joined Google, my wife and I agreed that I would work for 4-5 years, and then she’d get to see more of me. I talked about this as recently as last month and as early as 2006. And now, almost fifteen years later I’d like to be there for my wife more. I know she’d like me to be around more too, and not just physically present while my mind is still on work.

So we’re going to take some time off for a few months. My leave starts next week. Currently I’m scheduled to be gone through October. Thanks to a deep bench of smart engineers and spam fighters, the webspam team is in more-than-capable hands. Seriously, they’re much better at spam fighting than I am, so don’t worry on that score.

One critical point is that I won’t be checking my work email at all while I’m on leave. My friend and colleague Amit Singhal took about six weeks off not too long ago, and his #1 piece of advice was to unplug from work email. So that’s what I’m going to do. I will set up Gmail filters to forward some of my outside email to a small set of webspam folks, but they won’t be replying to emails.

Q: Is this because of some specific event?
A: Nope. I’ve been talking about doing this with my wife for a while now, and it feels like the right time.

Q: You’re not going to check your work email at all?
A: That’s right.

Q: No, really? No work email?
A: Really. I’m thinking of it like a 30 day challenge, except for longer than 30 days. :)

Q: If I can’t email you, how should I communicate with Google about search topics or find out about new things in search?
A: I’m so glad you asked! There’s still tons of ways, from our webmaster forums to Office Hours Hangouts where you can ask questions to experts. On the social side, instead of sending SEO-related comments to me on Twitter, you can ping the Google Webmaster Central account. Likewise, make sure you follow Google Webmasters on Google+. A bunch of different Googlers will continue to speak and answer questions at search conferences too.

For broader search-related news, read our Webmaster blog or Inside Search blog. To understand how Google thinks about search, we’ve made hundreds of webmaster videos and they’re designed to be evergreen.

Our web documentation is superb: Google Webmaster Central is the best place to start. From there, you can find our Webmaster Academy, our help documentation, and our SEO beginner’s guide. We even made a mini-site about how search engines work.

One of the most important ways to hear from Google is to add and verify your site in Google Webmaster Tools. That’s the primary channel to find out about issues with webspam or other errors or notices.

Q: Are you doing anything fun?
A: Yup! I’ve been taking a ballroom dance class with my wife, and we’re going on a cruise in late August. Our 15th (!) wedding anniversary is next year, so we might do some early traveling to celebrate that too. We’ll also be spending more time visiting with our parents. I’m also trying a half-Ironman race.

And just to reiterate, the webspam team is in great hands while I’m out. I’m looking forward to trying this, so thanks for your understanding.

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  1. This is good! Unplug and Refresh the mind. Enjoy Matt

  2. Good for you. Well deserved

  3. Jon Henshaw

    Overdue and well deserved. Enjoy focusing on what’s really important in life.

  4. Awesome you are taking a break… you (and your wife!) deserve it after all these years of spam fighting :) And I look forward to reading a “What I read during my break” blog post when you return!

  5. Alan Bleiweiss


    Enjoy the time away. Cherish every moment. For all the value you’ve brought to the search industry (in spite of a few rants I’ve thrown every several months, I do believe you’ve brought a LOT of value to the industry), life needs to unfold from within based on the entirety of our identify – not just the brain-make-a-difference-need-income.

  6. Nice! And congrats on the well deserved break! Looking forward to hearing all about your long-break-experience once you’re back on the grid :)

  7. Pepper Lebeck-Jobe

    In the last “A:” In your Q&A section you say: “Yup! I’ve been talking a ballroom dance class …” I think you mean, “Yup! I’ve been taking …” With one less “l” in taking.

  8. Would you like to attend to our conference? EBE takes place every november since 2006 in Seville, Spain. I can garantee you and your wife will have fun, we’ll get someone to show you the best places in our cites.

    Formers speakers at EBE includes: Matt Mullenweg, Biz Stone, David Karpp, Mitchell Baker, …

  9. Matt… if you’re in the bluegrass any length of time make sure to give me a buzz – Heather and I would be thrilled to take you and your wife for a nice meal in Lexington somewhere. No Shop talk – promise!

  10. Glad to see that you’re taking some time off. Always important to recharge every once in a while – and it seems that time has come for you. Enjoy it!

  11. Matt! its good! enjoy ballroom dance. good luck

  12. Patric Jansson

    Come to Stockholm! I Will by you a beer.

  13. What should I say, You are for me one of the most influential people when it comes to SEO knowledge, so I am a little sad… But, all the best on new horisonts!

  14. Over 34 Years in business and being family owned and operated does make it hard to take a break but it is necessary sometimes to regain sanity. Good Luck and enjoy the time you take with family. It is worth more than many think.

  15. Loren Baker

    Enjoy the time off Matt, you deserve it :)

  16. Michael Hinterauer

    Well done …after this, you will never be the same … :-)

  17. Diana

    Dance the time away and take lots of pictures! Congrats to you and your wife!

  18. Brian Harnish


    I hope you have an awesome and well-deserved break. Sometimes it’s necessary to do so to re-charge and focus on some of the more important things in life. I think you’ve brought a lot of value to the industry. You’ve contributed a lot to ensure that all of us have timely information, updates, and awesomeness from the Google web spam team. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your vacation when you return. :)

  19. I wonder if you get penalized for your name in the search… have fun!

  20. Doug Edwards

    Good for you Matt. If you’re looking for someone to grab coffee with as you decompress, you know I’m in the neighborhood and always happy to get together.

  21. Have a great time Matt!

  22. Thanks for all your help matt. Your blogs are great

  23. that’s great thing Matt.. Have a nice time with your wife.. Have Fun :)

  24. Well deserved! As a Sailor who had many instances away from his family, I know exactly where you are coming from. Enjoy the time Matt, and we’ll see you when you get back!

  25. Jesús

    Good luck Matt! Enjoy it ;)

  26. Since working on the web I always wondered when this time would come. I don’t know you personally, but recognise that your dedication to the corporation has been solid & absolutely relentless. You’ve made the best choice in the world. Family comes first. Back to basics and you realise what it’s all about! Have a well deserved break.

  27. Cool! Is it parental leave, or just ordinary work leave? Don’t think 4-5 months is ordinary parental leave in the US?

  28. Enjoy the downtime – ignore the internet, come back (hopefully!) refreshed, and ready to fight another war….

    Looking back, its these times that were worthwhile, not another 12 hour day trying to catch SEOs ;)

  29. The problem with going on leave for months is that you may not want to return.

  30. wow Google really let you take a few months break? That’s nice! I’m jelaus :) Have a good one.

    • Christian Cadeo

      Yes Google offers you the ability to have a quarter long sabbatical after I believe 4 years at the company. It’s truly an amazing benefit.

  31. Rob

    So we can expect the Tango-Update in November ….

  32. Life is only one, well done :)

  33. Eric Ward

    You have accomplished great things, and given the nature of your work, endured a tremendous amount of unfair criticism. And through it all you’ve remained friendly, dignified, and personable. Thank you, cheers and see you soon.

  34. Samuel Johns

    A half Ironman, much respect! Have fun with it and all the best, looks like it is early on in your time off, a great way to start a vacation!! :)

  35. Oliver

    I hope you will enjoy your time, sometimes it is best practice to take the deserved time. And maybe your last action will a new iteration of the the penguin update?? :)

  36. Bravo Matt. Vieni in vacanza nel nostro paese quest’estate, così ci prendiamo un caffè e ti dico un paio di cose proprio brutte brutte che hai fatto…

  37. Rae Hoffman

    Enjoy your test retirement. ;-) There comes a point in time when you need to stop always finding another mountain to climb and focus on what initially drove you to start climbing in the first place – family, friends and a life. I don’t think I’d ever “retire” in the standard sense. I doubt you could either. But there comes a time when you’ve outgrown the “young you’s” goals and need to set new ones. I’m coming closer to that time myself. I hope your leave gives you some time to refocus.

    It’s been a pleasure being frenemies with you over the last decade+. Haha. ;-) Hit me up when you’re done TLD – I wanna know what you thought. :)

  38. Have a great time! Come back with new Google Webmasters videos ;)

  39. Very good Matt. Matt! Have a nice leaving, good luck

  40. Take care Matt. It will be a very different world without you here to complain to when we mess up :-) . If I see you on “So You Think You Can Dance” I will switch to Bing.


  41. Have fun Matt! #jealous

  42. Enjoy the break, and beware of spam dancers. They’re kinda like square dancers, only they wear black hats, board ships in secret and attempt to Google your Cabin while you’re on the dance floor.

  43. if you come to Italy, know that you can count on the hospitality of the entire seo community of aur beautiful country :)

  44. That’s a good point. Happiness is when you have more time for your significant ones and family. Rock on!

  45. Good for you. I’d have become a serial killer if I had your job. In fact, I’m not all that far from it now…

  46. so happy for you! Have an amazing time :)

  47. Quick….SPAM ALL THE THINGS!!!


    j/k Matt. Enjoy your time off.

  48. Enjoy and we’ll see when you get back!

  49. Richard Iddings

    No seriously, how often will you be checking your email?? j/k, have a great time.

  50. wow! Your wif e will be proud of you. There is a life behind the internet – and it’s important to take care about it. Great respect – have a nice time.

  51. YAY for you and your wife and family! Have fun! I’m so happy for you! You’re setting a great example for work life balance. #healthy

  52. Matt, enjoy your time away from the daily googly grind! :). …taking this time to refuel and create precious memories is such a gift. Happy 15th anniversary in advance.


  53. Brad

    Soooo, you are saying it’s OK to do participate in Black Hat SEO until late September? Thanks for the heads up !)

  54. Nobody deserves it more than you Matt, and it’s many years overdue so your wife definitely deserves it. What cruise are you going on, btw?

    Stay strong Matt, don’t give in to those emails!

    Enjoy your break mate! :)

  55. Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…
    It won’t be the same without you. Enjoy, Matt. We’ll see you back some time around Hallowe’en, then. Now there’s a scary thought…

  56. Matt its great to have some fun with family. That’s called work life balance !!
    God bless you and your family

  57. Taking a long break did not do Winston Churchill any harm so enjoy your time away, Matt Cutts.
    In my dreams I imagine you returning with a plan to defuse the NSEO time bomb. :)

  58. Reuben Yau

    It’s great that you’re able to do that, I hope you both have a really great time. More employers should take note :)

  59. tom schmitz

    You should have Barry Schwartz be your interim.

  60. Enjoy your time with your wife! Appreciate what you do and see you when you get back.

  61. Come visit Italy, we have cookies and the best wine.

  62. Vikas


    This is unfair! Here I’m not going on any vacation in anticipation of another Penguin update. My boss just wouldn’t grant me any leave. And look at you – going on leave for several months. And you are not even giving a tiniest hint when you are going to unleash it on us. Not while you are away.

    But, hey! have loads of fun. On return please don’t forget to share your experience of adhering to the ‘No work mail’ rule.

    See you soon!

  63. So the small businesses destroyed and choking under penguin will just have to wait a few more months? Everyone deserves a vacation!!! And you do too. But hopefully you don’t need to be there to pull the trigger on that…. !!!!

  64. Have a good time Matt. Much deserved I am sure.

  65. We’re also going on a cruise in Aug! Care to share the destinations you will be stopping by?

  66. Matt Geddis

    3-4 month vacation! Seems like a dream…. Congrats to you. I often am pre – occupied thinking about one site. Thinking about every site must be taxing even for the wizard of search.

    Good luck on the iron man!

  67. Have a wonderful time with your wife, I think that’s great for you. #familyman

  68. Hey Matt-

    That’s great to hear. I made a conscious choice to decouple a bit from work on Jan 1 of this year (not completely — just an 80:20 thing) and it turns out the world kept spinning without me.

    Enjoy your non-work life. You won’t regret this move at all. And lord knows you’ve earned it.


  69. Hey, Matt!

    I’d love to see you doing some samples of ballroom dance in your Webmaster videos! hehehe..JOKE! Anyways, enjoy your vacation and have a good time. :)


  70. Good for you. I think the last vacation was so long ago … I turned my pager off to disconnect.

  71. Wow! That is news of the year.
    Good luck in the future!

  72. Enjoy your vacation matt. Its good for you and your family.

    Have a happy holiday

  73. Have a nice time. hope you’ve got some cool paces lined up on your cruise and dance with your wife in the lounge in between destinations.
    I did a cruise around the Mediterranean a few years back with my kids but the wife couldn’t come as our youngest was 3 months old at the time.
    I’ve been reliably informed I owe her one.

  74. Happy 15th wedding anniversary. . God bless you and your family and business

  75. Does this means that you will step for good from the webspam team or you will come back after a few months ?
    Have fun in your holiday, you sure deserve it!

  76. Max

    Enjoy your time off with your wife and reload your mind!

    Who are going to make video on GGWT Youtube channel? Who?! ;-)

  77. Thanks for all the info and resource links, Matt.

    And enjoy your well-deserved break!

  78. Max

    Dear Matt,

    Enjoy your time-off with your wife and reload your mind!

    Who are going to provide SEO advices on GGWT Youtube Channel wearing colorful t-shirts? Who?! :-p

  79. Enjoy your vacation, Matt. Have a great adventure ahead!

  80. Enjoy your time away and the opportunity to spend more time with your wife!

  81. Matt,

    I take it that you’ll be visiting Morehead, Kentucky? I would love to get a pic with you. :) I won’t bother you though. Have a great time with your wife. I know I would. I need to do the same thing, but just can’t afford it.

    Greg Smith

  82. What about your blog ? are you also not updating it for 3-4 months ?

  83. Spend some time in Venice–preferably after the main tourist season. (And not just a day or two: a week at a minimum.)

  84. Jenny Halasz

    Enjoy your leave, Matt. We will miss you, but you have a great team to carry on in your stead. If you find yourself in your ole Carolina stompin’ grounds, be sure to look me up. Hubbie and I will buy you and the wife a sweet tea!

  85. Family is more important than work ;) enjoy your vacation Sir Matt! Regards to your family for me ^_^

  86. Edwin Sun

    I am just curious, don’t you have kids, Matt ?

  87. Matt, I think it is awesome that you are putting your relationship first. I hope you both have a great time and congrats on the anniversary. :)

  88. Dennis

    Congratulations. Sounds fantastic! Much envy, but very happy for you. Have a great and safe time in all you do & wherever you go, and enjoy the special time with your wife & family. Look forward to your return and to hear all about your 3 months off.

  89. Much needed and well deserved. Enjoy you time off Matt, my wife and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary at the Grand Wailea in Maui, Hawaii. I highly recommend it.

  90. Hi Matt, unplug and enjoy your holidays. Thank you for your hard works.
    I wish I could have a long vacation like you.

  91. Web spam stopper is taking time to be a family man.

    Carry On… Enjoy

  92. Well deserved Matt! Oddly enough , I told a few people at SMX Advanced that I got a vibe that you’d be retiring or taking a sabbatical leave soon (first time I sensed it since I met you 10+ years ago). Enjoy your time off!

  93. Well this is the great idea to unplug from work email during the leave

  94. Amit Pandey

    Finally Matt on leave, from the beginning I thought Matt Cutts is a Machine he never takes a leave, never offline, always there to help webmasters… I hope you enjoy your leaves Matt & wish you a very happy marriage anniversary in advance !!!


  95. Matty, come to Barcelona.
    You’re invited and I promise you don’t speak about SEO. Only sun, food and relax.
    En la vida no todo es trabajo, cuando haces lo que te gusta, cuesta mucho parar, mirar a tu lado y ver que estas sacrificando cosas.
    Admiro y apruebo el break.

  96. Dave Butler

    Simply – ENJOY your time away. Relax and enjoy. Travel and travel some more but at a nice leisure pace!

  97. Have fun Matt! I’m super jelly! One day I hope to do this 30 day challenge as well. I’m sure you’ll have some great adventures and build some wonderful memories.

    I appreciate all that you’ve done professionally, as well as, the things you’ve done to inspire others. It’s great that you’re taking personal time. Enjoy your friends and family! Enjoy life!

  98. Shilpa

    Have a fun……Enjoy!!!!

  99. Firstly wishes for your best traveling trip. Well I think you might come with huge happiness and a surprise update…

  100. unplugging completely is my plan in three years when we retire. Time to get a life I say!

    enjoy your break

  101. Good Decision Matts after all family is also very important like our work so go ahead had good time with your family.

  102. You deserve this break to start a fresh on spam fighting Matt. Go off the cloud of Search land and enjoy!!

  103. That is awesome Matt..! One of the best decisions ever made.. But I was wondering as to who will be capable enough to take your place.. We have been working in the field listening and learning to the advice you have been giving, since like a decade now.. and all of a sudden — no MATT.. seems to me like Google without search.. not exaggerating but mean it.. All the very best for new challenges..! Cheers..!

  104. Christoph C. Cemper

    Congratulations to both you and your wife,
    safe travels and an awesome, relaxing time!

  105. Hello Matts, Wish you all the best :) You have given me some greed to take leave. I am greedy :) I am planning to go out………..:) May GOD bless your family!!

  106. I think, this is probably the best you can gift your family. Well, recently I promised same thing to my wife. I am sure, this break will be 1 of the most memorable moments of your life. Have a great time. Enjoy :-)

  107. soman

    At least Blackhatters(seo) will happy for a while . :) Enjoy the day without internet

  108. Hey Matt, don’t worry and enjoy the time with your wife and family, thanks for the great job, and good luck!

  109. well, that is a nice decesion. Have fun matt :)

  110. Kos

    And what about your twitter? Are you going to check it?

  111. So many unnatural links in this post… ;)

    Have fun and say hello to your wife ;)

  112. Hey Matt, I took a month off for the first time in my 10 year career for our honeymoon and so the wife could visit her parents. It was well worth it and the company didnt fail but I have to say that I’m not quite so high profile like you lol ;-) but everyone needs a break dude! Enjoy.

  113. Awesome, unplug and enjoy life!

    Have the best time ever and see you on the flipside :)

  114. Being quite new to the on line world will miss those great webinar video’s of yours, however it is important to have quality time with your family, have a wonderful time off and enjoy all the things you have planned best wishes

  115. Q: buy some links and spam a bit around is ok, as long as you are away?

    enjoy the time

    • :-)) nice one!
      But Matt said that there is a great team that continue fighting with the webspam.
      I did not thought that i would say this, but i will miss all those controversial movies…from now on, the SEO world will not be the same…

      • Yeah we all will miss the movies – the last have been great…
        The biggest SEO mistake, don’t have a website… great.
        Or the “How much wood could a Matt Cutts cut….”

  116. i hope you will write more articles on this blog in this period. :)

  117. Well deserved break! I hope you will enjoy your unplugged time and make your wife happy – I know what’s the feeling when I don’t have enough free time to spend with the person you love. Actually I envy you…

    p.s: Who will do the videos while you’re gone?

  118. Enjoy your time.. We will miss you lot.

  119. Neel

    Hello Matt All the best your vocation, enjoy the time with your wife and your family.. May be I will lose good SEO teacher for myself, I have been watching your video, it helped me to learn Many things about SEO news trends.. We hope that you are coming back to Google with new energy better than now

  120. Kay Tee

    Enjoy mate | Party hard !

  121. Dont stop on emails Matt, switch off the phone ;-)

  122. I guess this was sort of expected after your comment you made on the SMX Advanced conference last month with Danny Sullivan when you said that you were only going to do this role for a few years. Enjoy your well earned break.

  123. Better late than never! Enjoy the break Matt Cutts, you’re one of the hardest working in the business, the dedicated you bring to the world of SEO and best practices in the industry is outstanding. I know we’re in good hands with the rest of your team so unplug and relax!

  124. Rajpal

    Have a great time…

  125. Good to know that you are taking some time off with Family. It shows that We have got Humans not bots working at Google :) …jokes apart, you really deserve this time. Make the most of it. Any plans to visit India?

  126. Hi Matt
    You asked for non-work book recommendations recently – I’d suggest “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris (or maybe you’ve already read it?!).
    Enjoy the break.

  127. Nice post – have bookmarked and will come back often.

  128. Have a nice hollidays Matt ! We’ll miss you :)

  129. Glad to hear you are finally questioning your priorities and taking corrective action. Better late than never! For the younger folks reading this: Work-life-balance means now, not 15 years from now. The younger you are when you realize that, the better. This is what Alan Watts has to say about it: “Music & Life”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERbvKrH-GC4

  130. ben

    just enjoy Matt ! You’re right working is not all !

  131. I will miss your expertise. Enjoy the time! Come to Hungary! You be our guest for a goulash (gulyas soup) :)

  132. Enjoy your vacation Matt! You deserve some holidays. You people were making great algorithms at Google and it would be good to see you come back refreshed ;)

    Have fun time together!

  133. Greg

    Hope you enjoy your time away and recharge

  134. Matt, Enjoy great time of your life with your family. I hope, you will go on leave next time after 5 years (not 15 years).

    Life is limited, Time is limited, Relationship is limited but work in unlimited. So, enjoy life.

  135. it’s great, enjoy vacation,….

  136. Stefano Pochet

    Congratulations for the beautiful choice Matt

  137. What a great idea, everybody should do the same once in is life !

    Here is a little gift for your travel (no wifi or power needed) : https://twitter.com/yakamama/status/484972982306344960
    :) By Matt (from France)

  138. Seems pretty awesome decision. Have great time with your wife. Pretty sure SEOs gonna miss the scary updates meanwhile.

  139. i am happy for you, and i wish you have happy time with your family.
    enjoy your free time.

  140. Hakuna

    Can i take your place?! :)

  141. Matt,
    This is good decision!
    Hope you enjoy your time.

  142. Enjoy the break Matt, and here’s hoping the first post on your return isn’t;
    “OK my wife has seen far too much of me and is leaving” :)
    (Only joking)

    Have fun.

  143. Hey Matt, lucky you ^_^ enjoy yourself my friend, you do a lot of great work, thank you for everything you do for all of us, you have no idea how many lives you have impacted.

  144. Enjoy your vacation Matt! Thanks for everything.

  145. Very Inspiring ! Need to do the same myself ! Enjoy your break

  146. Enjoy! Meanwhile: This is the new Matt Cutts vacation robots.txt format: http://www.forecheck.com/robots.txt

  147. Amazing Matt! Enjoy your time off and share your experience when it’s over! It must be a great feeling to have such a good team you can trust them to run the show until October in your absence. Speaks volumes about the balance of talent in an organization.

    Congratulations and have fun!

  148. Awesome. this is great! reminds me of my days at JPMorgan when we had to take a mandatory 2 weeks leave with our access cards and email access disabled! Trust you have lots of fun.

  149. Thanks for all the information you shared with us, Have a good time!!!

  150. Matt:

    Enjoy your time off with your wife.

    Ruth Ann and I took an Alaska Cruise some time back from Vancouver, British Columbia to Anchorage (Whittier), Alaska. It’s the only way to see that great state.

  151. Jay

    Good News for SEO Executive :)

  152. Have a nice time, keep on going with your ball room classes.

    If your holidays also include Amsterdam, don’t hesitate and give me an e-mail, I will give you a nice tour.

    Have fun anyway

  153. Ankit Sharma

    Have a Great off Matt.

  154. A good decision. Enjoy with the outside world.

  155. Raviraj

    Have a Great Holiday !!!

    Enjoy and come back with a fresh and new ideas to beat spam….

    hahah jus kidding

    Enjoy your Holidays :) Cheers

  156. As a just reward for her patience I trust your wife gets to say what “a few” means.

    For example, if 5 years until time off = 15 years, then “a few” – which ordinarily means 2,3,4,5 – could reasonably be interpreted to mean 9, 10, 11, 12 months off.

    Just sayin’.

  157. Doc Sheldon

    Good on ya, Matt! After 15 years, I’d say you and the missus have earned some you-time! If you opt for the Alaskan cruise, you won’t be disappointed – the Inside Passage has some amazing things to enjoy and you’ll be coming home with GBs of photos! Glacier Bay is something that you won’t forget. (Splurge and get a cabin with an outside balcony)

    Unplug, recharge and enjoy!

  158. Enjoy the break Matt, you deserve it!

  159. That’s the most covered break I ever saw but your digital presence is so strong and people love to hear from you as you’re inside the machine. Have fun and be back asap.

  160. Congrats on the well deserved break from work, it must have been a hell of a few years at Google spam team! Hope you travel as much as possible and take the time to enjoy life with wife and family. Would be happy to show you around Montreal if you come up north.

    Cheers to month-long vacations!

  161. JithinC

    Life with out you watching everything i do at work will be boring Matt. Anyway wish you and your wife all the best and hoping you return as a much better spam fighter …

  162. This is great Idea. Cheers buddy and have a nice time with your wife.

  163. Thanks for all informations and Good Luck for half Ironman race. Enjoy with your wife.

  164. Hey Matt,
    Thanks for great job you done for webmaster world, we going to miss you. Now the net became much better and cleaner from spam. Well, I am not happy that you leaving us in that important moment and because of that spammers can take advantage now and create more spam. So maybe you can consider to stay longer :)
    Wish you a good luck in your career.

  165. Thanks for great work. Best wishes for your future endeavour…

  166. tammy wood

    Excellent. No email??? Makes me nervous thinking about it!!

  167. Good luck for your journey Maat.

    Have a blast!

  168. Chris Koszo

    I think we’re all jealous, have fun! You’re going to have one heck of a tan. Please don’t bring any new exotic animals back home. Your friends back home can go on a much needed vacation too though- to the polar regions!


  169. Hi :) Do you want to come to Croatia ? :) It is
    beautiful country :)

  170. Ballroom Dance? would love to see you doing so. Perhaps, best of luck for your vacation may you enjoy a lot along with your wife.

  171. Enjoy your break! We will miss you.

  172. More than a well deserved break, I would be hitting up the big G for 12 month sabbatical, it is the very least the big G could do for such a front of house person, the last few years must have been exhausting on you and your family.

    Life work balance and all that, hope you have a fantastic break Matt and hope you wife bends your ear a bit harder for a more extended break.

  173. Enjoy Matt!
    If you travel in Valencia, Spain I’ll invite you a delicious menu, Paella and Sangria ;)


  174. Enjoy your vacation Matt.

  175. Have fun matty, It’s a good decision to take a break from hectic schedule and enjoy life. Afterall we are humans not programmed devices.

  176. Tetsuo Shima

    Could we see you in another episode of This Week in Google this summer? ;-)


  177. Moe

    Have an awesome time travelling and being there for your wife (ball room dancing? impressive!). Hope she has an awesome time too.
    Best wishes,

  178. Bob

    I am on a break myself (although not that long) and not checking email and you are going to love it – until you get back ;)

  179. Daniel Threlfall

    Refreshing to hear about clear priorities and definitive action. Enjoy.

  180. Enjoy the time with your wife

  181. Great Matt! It is true that you should give some time to your personal life as well, as your partners definitely need YOU both mentally and physically. Usually they get sick of living with robots like us :D, when at work! As we spend most of the time at home like it is a hotel (coming late at night and leaving early in the morning).

    As @dannysullivan said “It’s not clear yet who will be taking over his duties while he’s gone”, I am pretty sure that you have a great team now.

    So enjoy your time and we hope to see you back with some great ideas and innovation.

  182. Luca Bernardini

    I hope you’ll had a great time…

    If you go to Italy give me a shout. A beer is waiting for you :-)

  183. Lisa

    Wow, I hope you have a fantastic time!

    I guess now I have to watch webmaster video reruns by T-shirt color on YouTube:)

  184. Three months is a pretty big vacation; must be nice.

    Hope you have fun, but ballroom dancing sounds to much like work to me.

  185. Mark Vozzo

    Thanks for this post Matt with all the great links to all the Google resources for SEOs. Hope you have a lovely work-free time off with your wife. If you haven’t got you itinerary fully baked, may I suggest you head down under to Australia and/or New Zealand (if you haven’t been before), lots of great places to see and explore. Enjoy your cruise and your half-ironman.

  186. Sajuddin Khan


  187. Matt, Good luck and bon voyage!

  188. Enjoy your Vacation Matt Cutts. we will miss Today’s Question from….

  189. Have A Great Time Sir

  190. Nick

    Congrats & have a great break Matt :)

  191. david

    life is one and only :) just do what you want ;)

  192. I think, it may be surprise for webmasters or good news.

  193. Learning from you, many things such as 30 days challenge, and now a long vacationer..
    Good, Matt.. Be an explorer. The universe is filled with wonder and magical things.

  194. So I take it you won’t be at Pubcon again then :)

    Well deserved vacation. Have a great time.

    • That’s right. I’ve been to so many Pubcons that it’s strange to miss one, but spending time with my wife and family is a pretty good reason to miss it.

      • From the last two years we where waiting to get our website to get release from penguin penalty.. Hay boss, we thought the next penguin will come next month and next month and so on.. Then if you r going for a 3 month vacation, we r happy that we can give 3 month vacation for our hope too and after 3 months we can start again hope hehe.. please take that penguin also with you.. :):):):):)

  195. congratulation for making the leap to see the world and more of your family, enjoy :)
    Does this mean you’ll rel=”canonical” your blog to href=”http://http://singhal.info/”

    Have a great time and I look forward to seeing your photos on G+

  196. Enjoy Matt!!
    But take it easy with the Ironman race though :-)

  197. Take care of yourself and your family ;)

  198. Hi Matt,

    Happy to hear (Sorry :P ) you’re going to take a leave. Come to Kerala, India. Most Beautiful place in the world aka God’s own Country :)

    PS: Please update the pagerank before going for vacation :P

    Abid Omar @ABCDBlogging.com

  199. Good for you, Matt! We’ll look forward to seeing the polished ballroom dancing skills.

  200. nagappa

    Hi matt cutts, can you tell approximately how many words you read every day ? Very curious for the ans may be 5k,6k……

  201. Gregg Tilston

    On your travels stay away from any farms and, despite the generous offers, don’t be anyone’s guest. Both will get you in too much trouble and you’ll have a hard time finding your way out :)

  202. Aha! I knew it, I even suggested a sailing trip around the world for you just not Alaska. But I’ve heard it’s breathtaking as far as cruises go. Besides, it was time you step away from all this madness and take yourself and wife on a much needed (extended)vacation. What about the cats…who’s babysitting Ozzie & Pepper?

  203. Matt – Have an awesome vacation – kudos to you for knowing when to shut down. Thanks for all of your brilliant content – your dedication and passion always shine through. Hope you have an amazing time :-)


  204. Have a great time and I am hoping that you do come back soon.

    Your Webmaster resource videos on YouTube have been a great help for me over the past year and so thanks for your guidance.

    All the best, Ryan.

  205. You’re welcome Matt to my beautiful country somewhere un North Africa: Tunisia, hometown to Carthage

  206. Yeah Matt! There you go…
    Do yourself a favor, take that break. Having been buried with work and fighting spam isn’t worth in exchange on rather spending time with the love one(s). Remember that we all work hard for them and not for some glory and/or pride stake.

    We all share the same fate when we all first started these. Dreaming of passive but ending up with all that time of the day at work rather than with spending time love ones and making memories.

  207. Scott Wharton

    Kudos for unplugging. Are you giving up all email or just work-related ones?

  208. Have a nice trip, take care Matt.

  209. Linda Caplinger

    Enjoy the time off Matt! :)

  210. Enjoy yourself Matt! I hope the people who recognize you along your way don’t force you to talk shop ;-)

  211. ido waldman

    You can come to Israel incognito, i will show you around :-)

  212. Hi Matt! Well deserved holidays for you and your wife. When I first read this post I though “Ouch! Sheriff’s out of town!”, but I am sure your time will make a great job anyway. Definitely is a great idea to stay away from work email, you’ll come back as a fresh man!

    Have fun, cheers from Spain!

    PS: for the next post I wanna see picture of you dancing!

  213. huh…. vacation for such a long duration… jealous of you .. :)
    happy vacation …. have tons of fun.. enjoy..

  214. Enjoy your summer!

  215. Job is important, but family is more !

    Take care

  216. Good for you and you’re the best matt!

  217. Thats sound good. Have great Vacation. :)

  218. Christina S

    Enjoy your extended vacation Matt.

    If you want something nicer IMO than ballroom dancing try blues dancing. I think it’s more fun and more useful in all social events where there’s dancing. Modern enough for the younger generation, classy enough for the riper one ;)

  219. raffaele

    have a good holiday Matt!

  220. Good for you Matt, you deserve it!
    To be honest with you, I only truly liked and enjoyed watching your webmaster videos (and some of Maile Ohye’s videos). Perhaps I’ve been accustomed to your ways of explanation after watching you for several years now (regardless whether you have hair, and regardless whether you are visible). Unlike other videos, with your videos you really know how to explain stuff without giving too much information away and most of the time it demands and calls for further analysis and investigation on our part. I don’t doubt on the spam teams capability in doing their job without your presence, but I’m guessing that with your emails, blog posts and tweets, your videos, will also come to a halt. I really hope Google does not intend to dilute the channel with more and more hangout videos and Japanese videos in the future, because the channel just wont be the same anymore, wont be as informative and as enjoyable.
    Nevertheless, enjoy your leave of absence Matt, and if you’re traveling far, Godspeed!

  221. If you pass through Romania please visit Romanian village. You will learn the sound of grass growing. You will never want to leave! Here was born eternity .
    Happy holidays, Matt! We’ll miss you.
    We’ll see if the next update will be piranhas or flamingo … :)

  222. Blake Newton

    Congratulations! I hope you have lots of fun adventures!

    • Thank you, sir! Dad’s been visiting this past week. While on a drive, we stopped in Half Moon Bay and I got a postcard that you might enjoy. Talk to you soon, I hope.

  223. Good for you! Personal time is very important. I think it’s awesome your doing a half Ironman, I have been training for my first olympic distance in a few months and I signing up soon for Oceanside Half Ironman, in which I will be ready for. Best of luck to you!

  224. Hey Matt,

    Enjoy the Life, expected to see some of your vacation pic on your twitter account soon as a “Matt Life Algorithm Update”


  225. Brian Ussery

    Sorry we did not get to chat more at IO but, I am glad to hear you are taking some time off! I don’t know how you have kept up the pace this long. Good luck with dance as well as your 1/2 iron-man and have fun on your cruise.

  226. Nice Idea. Have a great time with your family….. Enjoy…….

  227. Matt,

    Travelling paves way for more and more energy. No wonder, your mail filters think the same :)

    Try Darjeeling tea !! Amit must be knowing about it !

    Enjoy !

  228. Abdul

    Have fun and enjoy coming moment at extreme level ;-)

  229. If you copy content from one site and put it on his site, you cause harm to me whether this is a duplicate content

  230. Hi Cutts, enjoy your vacation with your wife and I hope you can get back to work with best performance!

  231. Ramesh

    Good News for Webmaster, Matt Cutt taking off for four month!!!

  232. It’s good for you! But can you? Really? It’s a bet. I hope you will.

    We all have a virus called “internet” and it’s in our blood, it’s not a job, it’s passion. Can you stay away from your passion? I hope you will. It will be a lesson for me and I will be next!

    Life is not just online, take care of your family, we only live once, it’s good to live it with beloved ones (too).

  233. Sonia

    Matt, enjoy your leave! If you decide to go to Italy with your wife, I would happily give you some tips on best places ;) it can be very romantic.


  234. Hey Matt, Enjoy your vacation trip. Matt Life Algorithm Update rollout…….

  235. only and ever to work life is too short
    so I wish you a good time
    and hope we see you back with new energy
    and some new ideas

    and a little tip for the training before the half ironman:
    think now on later prblems.
    train runnig and spinning more in the water.
    I devellopped some special exercises because of my illneses
    (spinal disc, heel spur and Plantar-Fibromatosis from too much running)
    I can not run or cycle without some pain later
    but in the water it is smooth
    and the joints and tendons are not so loaded by the training over years
    may bee I am make some little movie spots out of it

  236. bil

    I’m glad you’re doing this. I took three months off when I was working for ITS, sat on a beach in Thailand, lost 20 lbs, completely off the network, not even a phone. It was great. I think it takes a month or so to completely leave work behind. Enjoy!

  237. Enjoy your vacation and be nice and do not come back :D

  238. Life is too short to spend on fighting spam. The family is always first! Good luck Matt! Hope you and your wife will enjoy a long time off.

  239. Rico Young

    That’s really a long vacation Matt. Enjoy!

  240. Several years down the road you will realize this is one of the best decisions you have made. Congratulations on taking time out, time for you, time for your wife, and your parents. We are all on borrowed time. The slow road is a very rewarding journey.

  241. Jay Gischer

    Good for you, Matt. Enjoy yourself!

  242. The Fates only give us a limited amount of time on this earth. It is our choice as to how we spend that time — You have chosen wisely. Take a break, think big thoughts and know that your presence will be missed and your return awaited. We all should take time off away from our computer screens to be with those who make it all worth while –our families and loved ones. Bon voyage!

  243. Uber respect for your taking time off!! I believe more in our industry need to know it’s okay, and healthy, to unplug and nurture relationships.

    I’m hoping you’ll update us with a few non-work posts (or tweets). Would love to hear how Vineman goes. Hope the weather is in your favor. For someone who used to not prefer cycling and is now doing a half Ironman, KUDOS!

  244. Pubcon wont be the same without trying to track you down at the end of your keynote ;)

    For travelling might I suggest Seychelles too… 15 years ago i got married there and still think of it as one of the best places on earth. Search for pictures of “La Digue” on that Googley thingy ma jig.

    Enjoy your time off! Well deserved!


  245. Enjoy your holiday Matt.

  246. There’s nothing better than time with family! How wonderful for you to have these warm fuzzies to carry with you as you slowly unplug. You’re a class act, Matt. Wishing you perspective, rest, and rejuvenation. (And keep a handwritten journal of all the cool a-has you see and learn! Educators say that writing in cursive helps to unlock and express what’s in the mind.:)

  247. Enjoy your well deserved break. Have a great time Matt :)
    We’ll miss you

  248. Hope you enjoy a well deserved break.

  249. Have fun Matt!
    If you end up travelling to Madrid, let me know and I’ll show you guys around :-)

  250. Deependra Kumar

    Have a great fun, and do refresh yourself for coming back. It’s really pleasant to be with our beloved one. Thanks Matt. Wish you the best. Deependra

  251. Hi Matt, have a nice and well deserved break from work, disconnecting from the email is a must, otherwise will be though to be completely on holidays. Enjoy the time with your wife and when back you’ll be a fresh man! :)

  252. Sonu Aarya

    Hi Matt Cutts, enjoy your vacation with your family
    Holidays are the best. I couldn’t imagine being from a small family.
    Thats sound good. Have a great Vacation :)

  253. Enjoy the vacation. If you get bored, I bet Larry and Sergey could get you tickets to Burning Man. ;)

  254. Congrats on the Vacation!!! I wish I had the strength to put dow the work email and live a disconnected life for a week! The 30 Day Challenge seems a bit harsh lol. Kudos Enjoy!

  255. Vince Pimentel

    Enjoy Matt, I’m glad you are living up to your end of the deal. ;-)
    Better late than never!
    You’ll have to write a blog about your journeys, experiences and your fresh views/approach after being gone. Because we all know, your mind isn’t going to ‘park’ work, but just be less focused on it.

  256. Much respect to you for unplugging and focusing on things outside of work!

  257. johnmicheal

    its good to take a leave for some time.
    this will be good for you and your family.

  258. Hey Matt.. Enjoy Holidays.. Make them Most memorable.

  259. Good luck Matt, have tons of fun! Thanks for all the valuable advice over the many years. See you again late 2014.

  260. Hi Matt!

    Thank you for letting us know about your vocations. Yes you deserved to have a long leave more then months :) Caz you have show your lot of dedication as a head of web spam team at Google.
    Stay blessed.


  261. You have earned it Matt. Disconnecting from email and technology (as much as that is possible these days ;) is a great idea. Enjoy your time off.

  262. Even presidents take vacations once in a while, yours is more than well-deserved. The internet will be here when you come back.

    I hope.

  263. Enjoy your vacation, Matt. Have a great adventure ahead!

  264. Christy Kunjumon

    Good for you Matt, have a good time with family. If you are planning to come Kerala, India, please do tell me. A bunch of SEO’s are waiting to see you here. We will surely have fun :)

  265. Have a great time and enjoy your break

  266. Leigh Alzapiedi

    Wow, that sounds like a great getaway for the two of you! I give it a couple of weeks before typing “google.com” into the browser results with “malfunction”

  267. But duuuuude,!!!
    You are like, my favorite nerd!
    What the heck am I gonna do with out you?!?!!

  268. Jay

    Enjoy your time Matt!

  269. sachin mahajan

    Good luck Matt! Enjoy it ;)

  270. very good rest by matt .. We love you .. :)

  271. Hi Matts, what a brave choice. Enjoy everything!

  272. Leave your smartphone at home, I look in the mail 5 times in 30 minutes. Relax and see the ocean, you’ll be no better than quieter there!

  273. Overdue and well deserved. Enjoy focusing on what’s really important in life.

  274. Few months is a pretty long period of time.. Anyway.. Enjoy every second ;)

  275. You are probably not going to read that anymore, but good look for the half-ironman. Trained like hell for mine two years ago and let’s just say: It was hell, every meter, in the water, on the street. But after months of pain I guess crossing the finish line, may be one of the most magnificent moments of my life. And what better thing to do than training while spending time with your family. See you in a bit ;)

  276. Great decision. Nothing’s more important than family. Google will keep on running, so no worries when you’re out. Have a nice trip.

  277. Bonnie Parrish-Kell

    Enjoy your time away, Matt! You’ll need that quality time for a fun yet challenging Ironman 70.3. Can’t wait to see *that* race report. :)

  278. Your work with the webspam team has definitely earned you some R&R. Thanks for all the info and enjoy it.

  279. Have a good break from the crazy search world. Gosh, you need it

  280. Matt,

    Have fun. One of the things we like the most about cruising is the way time flows. Your hosts understand that and help you enjoy yourself as you move from moment to moment. At the ports, venture out on our own to experience the local flavor. You won’t miss a “guide”.


  281. Good for you Matt, hope you and your family enjoy your time off. Simon

  282. Heh Matt

    Good luck with your long break. I have been planning one with my wife for around 9 years or so now. But in the end, took the plunge and moved to Spain.
    I am sure us webmasters can get by.

    Remenber No work email!!!
    Do what I did. I got rid of my smartphone and went back to press numbers and a screen.
    Internet in Spain is about as fast as — well I am writing this quicker than it will upload.


  283. Good luck on the half ironman! I did triathlons for about 15 years to destress and get in shape. The hardest part is swimming, if you are not already a good swimmer.

    It’s going to be 1.2 miles with hundreds of other people, that can be intimidating. After that, the crowds spread out and you want to get through the bike ride and have something left to run or run/walk through the half marathon.

  284. Matthew Shuey

    Right on Matt. Taking time to be with family is a great thing. Glad for you and well deserved! Thank you for all that you have done to make the internet a better place.

  285. hello , Matt Sir you deserve it . Enjoy everything!

  286. Happy that at least you are tweeting while on leave.

  287. Hello matts,
    Give us some fresh news. How are your holidays? is it not too hard to not be active with your community? I tried to move for two weeks for vaccation without my computer last month, but I surrendered after three days:) I don’t know how you do!

  288. Ohhh.. then there will be no new updates from google for next few months, so we have some more time to do spam work… We SEOs are happy as like school children, bcz no teacher in class for some days… hehe

  289. That’s great Matt Cutts.

  290. I took a year, it was the best thing I ever did. Clear you mind and get new perspectives.

  291. Good for you! You really deserve to take time off to enjoy your family and explore new places.

  292. kos

    Great! Enjoy your summer

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